The Kitchen Chemist Author Frances Castelli on Your Book Your Brand Your Business

Do you have kids dealing with anaphylactic allergies?

Tune in on Monday, March 12 at 5 PM Eastern when I interview The Kitchen Chemist author Frances Castelli on Your Book Your Brand Your Business. Frances will share her journey from concerned mom to knowledgeable food scientist in the aftermath of discovering each of her three children had broad spectrum, life-threatening food allergies.

A native of Australia, her forthcoming book tells her personal story and includes 30 mouth-watering, allergy-free recipes designed to offer information, hope, and inspiration to parents and children that you can thrive with food allergies — even if you never outgrow them.

With contributions from her husband Ralph Castelli; children Anthony, Hope, and Natale; and others closely involved with their family, The Kitchen Chemist: How I Became a Food Scientist So My Kids Could Thrive with Anphylactic Food Allergies is a comprehensive reference, cookbook, and ally for every family affected by broad spectrum food allergies:

It is said that children don’t come with an instruction manual. Imagine standing by helplessly as your baby gasps for air and clutches her throat on the floor, unable to communicate, or breaks out in hives when a relative gives him a hug and a kiss at a holiday gathering. While most parents juggle school and work schedules, quality family time, and extracurricular activities, feeding their children is rarely a matter of life or death.

For Frances Castelli, such traumatic events were common; the adage took on an entirely new meaning when she discovered all three of her children had multiple anaphylactic food allergies.

In the Castelli household, even food we consider “healthy” could be fatal.

What would you do?

In The Kitchen Chemist, author Frances Castelli recounts her unanticipated journey into the world of broad spectrum anaphylactic allergies with humor, grace, and honesty. From consultations with endless medical specialists to in-depth research into the composition and interaction of food, you’ll discover how this devoted mother transformed from distraught parent to confident kitchen chemist. She debunks the myths, offers practical advice for parents and kids, and shares 30 safe, delicious, and easy-to-prepare recipes (yes, even desserts!). Now grown-ups with lives of their own, her children, Anthony, Hope, and Nat prove that life with food allergies can be full and enjoyable, even if they never go away. They are passionately living their dreams and want others to know they can too.

During the live show, Frances will share her experiences and take questions from the chat room. To listen, go to and click on the LISTEN LIVE button on the home page. The episode will be archived on iHeart Radio sometime after the live broadcast. I’ll post the link when it’s available.

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UPDATE: Missed our live interview? Click to listen.

Listen to “The Kitchen Chemist Talks Food Allergies” on Spreaker.


Family Power Hour on ‘The Sandwich Generation’ UPDATED with Archive

Family Law Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise and Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Billie Eizenberg.
Family Law Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise and Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Billie Eizenberg.

Please join Family Power Hour hosts Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Billie Eizenberg and Family Law Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise on Wednesday, October 16 at 7 p.m. Eastern when they discuss a timely topic on the Writestream Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio:

The Sandwich Generation: Caregivers Caught in the Middle

Are struggling to cope simultaneously with paying the costs of caring for aging parents while helping your children finance their college education and/or launch their careers while funding your own retirement? If your answer is “yes”, you’re in the “Sandwich Generation.”

The demographic trends that created the “Sandwich Generation” are relatively new. Today an increasing number of people in their fifties and sixties are finding themselves caught in the “sandwich generation,” experiencing a financial and emotional squeeze.

If you are trapped in the middle asking yourself, “What is right or wrong way to go? Is there a magic wand to make this tough situation better?” we would love to hear what you think. Men and women, please call us to share your experience and advice.

Log in to Blog Talk Radio, listen via your computer by clicking on the Family Power Hour episode link, join in the live chat room and call to talk to hosts at 347-945 7246.

UPDATE: Missed it live? Click to listen.


A Few Questions for Sheena and Dr. Billie, Hosts of the new Family Power Hour on the Writestream Network! UPDATED

As I’ve been promoting for the past several weeks, a new show is coming to the Writestream Radio NetworkFamily Power Hour, hosted by two South Florida professional powerhouses, Sheena Benjamin Wise and Dr. Billie Eizenberg. Intended to serve as a good starting point for anyone seeking advice on how to handle difficult relationships, marriages, divorce and family situations, Family Power Hour features a welcoming call-in format, relevant topics and two hosts dedicated to helping others create their very best life possible as they navigate through its trials and tribulations.

Sheena Benjamin Wise is a Family Law Attorney practicing in Pompano Beach, Florida and Dr. Billie Eizenberg is a clinical psychologist and family therapist who works with clients all over the world, thanks to new technology.

Sheena Benjamin Wise, Family Law Attorney in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Sheena Benjamin Wise, Family Law Attorney in Pompano Beach, Florida.

I recently took some time to ask these two fabulous women a few questions about their stellar careers and their plans for the Family Power Hour:

DD: Tell us a bit about your background.

Sheena: As you know, I am a marital and family law attorney practicing in South Florida for the past 11 years. I currently reside in South Florida but I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. My family migrated to New York in the early 60’s from the small island of Haiti. I attended St. Edmund HS in Brooklyn, New York and I later attended University of Miami. I obtained my law degree from Nova Southeastern University Shepard Board Law School in 2001. I have been married for nearly 19 years, together with my Husband, I have two daughters.

Dr. Billie: I’ve been doing what I do for over 35 years. My specialty is family therapy and education, as I got my PhD in that disciplinary. I also have a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I moved to the United States from Israel 11 years ago and I have 3 children and a newly born grandson.

DD: What drew your to your professions?

Sheena: Growing up, I was always been an advocate for people in my family. If there was an argument happening, I would take the side of the underdog and protect him or her. It was usually involved my younger brother. I found the law to be a noble profession and it provided me with the opportunity to educate, guide and protect others.

Dr. Billie: Since life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, most people at some point need professional counseling and advice to help them make good decisions. I’ve always loved the idea of helping people live their best life possible. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see a client make positive changes for themselves and the people around them.

DD: Are your clients limited to one geographic area or are they all over the world?

Sheena: Yes, the American legal system is designed to be localized and to specific geographical areas. Each state determines the standards, rules and regulations to govern the practice of law. My practice, and therefore my clients, is limited to the Great State of Florida in the U.S.

Dr. Billie: I work with clients all over the globe thanks to things like Skype. It’s very exciting because I don’t have to be limited to working with people who are geographically nearby.

DD: What are your goals for Family Power Hour?

Dr. Billie Eizenberg,  Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist.
Dr. Billie Eizenberg,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist.

Sheena: My goal is to educate the listening audience by discussing interesting and current topics that impact the families with my friend Dr. Billie. I found many are simply not aware of the legal entanglements that are involved in the context of marriage, parentage and family. I also want to have fun discussing the topics.

Dr. Billie: My goal is similar to Sheena’s — to educate, empower and engage our audience. I am so excited about working with her to help people all around the world. Together we bring much combined experience to the program and since we’ve known each other a long time, we’ll complement each other well on the air. I also hope we get plenty of call-ins because my goal is for our listeners is to feel comfortable asking us questions during a live broadcast. By doing so, it only helps many more who may be too shy to call in. And that’s what it’s really all about: to reach the largest audience we can.

DD: Will you be bringing on guests?

Sheena: Absolutely, guests are invited to share their thoughts regarding various topics that will benefit the listening audience. I hope forward to riveting discussions.

Dr. Billie:: Yes, drawing from our large network of professionals, I am hoping to bring on guests in a variety of areas relevant to human relationships. I also look forward to some passionate conversations!

DD: What kinds of topics will you be discussing?

Sheena: In addition to current hot topics in the news, I would like to discuss topics such as Parent’s Rights, Children’s Rights and Developmental Milestones, Current issues impacted by DOMA (same sex marriages), Powerful Women, Challenges women face today, Parents handling bullying, Domestic violence issues, Changing Roles of Gender and Addiction and Families.

Dr. Billie: Yes, I agree! Also, personal addictions, career enrichment, grief counseling, marital help and weight loss, just to name a few.

DD: What are the biggest concerns people face today in your experience? How can you help them?

Sheena: I believe the greatest concern is keeping children safe; losing a child whether, it be through a court proceeding or through some other calamity such as death or sickness.

Dr. Billie: In this rapidly changing world with its endless responsibilities, life can seem overwhelming. People need to develop the inner tools that will help them cope with daily life. I can definitely help with that! Also, I just want to add that no one should feel ashamed or embarrassed about their problems, or about calling in to ask our advice. They can even use a fake name or be anonymous if they prefer. But the important thing is to reach out so they can start making beneficial changes that will improve their lives.

DD: Ladies, thank you so much — I can’t wait for the Family Power Hour to go live on August 28!

Readers, did this interview pique your interest? Then be sure to tune in to Family Power Hour every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. Eastern beginning on August 28. The call-in number for the show is (347) 945-7246.

For more information, visit The Law Office of Sheena Benjamin Wise and Dr. Follow the Writestream Show Page here on Blog Talk Radio for the most up-to-date information on live broadcasts and archived episodes.

UPDATE: Join me for Writestream Tuesday on August 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern when Sheena and Dr. Billie will join me to discuss their plans for Family Power Hour.