Experts In Pink Authors Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano on Your Book Your Brand Your Business

Please join me on Monday, November 12 at 5 PM Eastern when I welcome Experts In Pink authors Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano to Your Book Your Brand Your Business. These wonderful clients and friends will discuss their latest book release, which expands upon their 2015 compilation, Miami Breast Cancer Experts, with the inclusion of chapters on new topics like cardiology, dental care, care-giving, and Yoga.

Prominent critics like actress Mariel Hemingway have offered nothing but praise for the authors’ latest effort. Notes Hemingway, “It’s so important to be informed as a woman. Cindy and Sabrina provide a compassionate and detailed look into the impact and most importantly the solutions to empowering yourself when dealing with Breast Cancer. Thank you ladies!“

During the interview, Cindy and Sabrina will elaborate on some important aspects of managing a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and answer as many questions as time allows from the live chat. To stream the show, visit and click on the LISTEN LIVE button on the right sidebar. As always, the show will be archived and available on my iHeart Radio page within a few days of the broadcast.


The Snobby Girl Cancer Club Gift Shop

After much planning and investigating, I’m pleased to announce that Maureen Miles Bucci has opened up her Snobby Girl Cancer Club Gift Shop! Just in time for the upcoming holidays, Maureen’s online store features everything from Snobby Girl travel mugs and ceramic mugs, to hoodies and tees, to smartphone cases and pillowcases. In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season, there’s even a Snobby Girl tree ornament!

Snobby Girl mugs feature handles in various colors, including teal.
Snobby Girl mugs feature handles in various colors, including teal.

To view all of the offerings in the Snobby Girl Gift Shop, visit Snobby Girl Cancer These inspiring items are a great way to show any woman you know who is dealing with cancer that you support them.

A perfect addition to any Snobby Girl's Christmas tree.
A perfect addition to any Snobby Girl’s Christmas tree.

Announcing the Publication of Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health

We’re very proud to make the following announcement, especially during the month of October – Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback!


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Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health

New Book, Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health offers timely and valuable information from medical and legal professionals, psychologists, nutritionists, and holistic health practitioners for breast cancer patients and their caretakers.

MIAMI, Florida — In their brand-new book, a follow-up to their popular 2007 release The Empty Cup Runneth Over, co-authors Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano, RD, NC, CDE, have once again created a must-read for everyone affected by breast cancer by gathering an incredible group of experts and survivors, updating contents, and adding several chapters to inform readers about the latest treatment options.

As noted by Gail Ironson, M.D., Ph.D. in the Foreward, “The terrific thing about this book is that it covers multiple topics, and does so in a readable, interesting way – enabling us to be better informed about how to cope, what to expect, and how to make wise treatment decisions. It will also help you discuss options with medical personnel.”

Miami Breast Cancer Experts has also received rave reviews from well-known critics like Vince Papale, colon cancer survivor and former NFL football player upon whose life the 2006 film Invincible was based. Notes Papale,  “As you read through the book Miami Breast Cancer Experts and experience the compelling and courageous stories of the survivors, you will certainly find out that the savior is yourself first.  To me invincibility is the synergy of mind, body and spirit and these women have truly proven themselves to be Invincible!”

Anne Hemingway, RN, BSN, MS and niece of Ernest Hemingway raves, “This book is a smorgasbord of intelligent essays on every aspect of breast cancer.  Everyone – nurses, doctors, and people dealing with the disease for the first time will find chapters of this book helpful.”

Co-authors Cindy Papale-Hammontree and Sabrina Hernandez-Cano state,“We saw very close-up and personal how critical it is to stay on top of the latest details, particulars, discoveries, and facts about surviving a cancer diagnosis. The faster the detection, the better the chances of recovery and survival. Since the launch of our first edition, research has emerged with new scientific evidence, explanations, and perspectives on the prevention and treatment of Breast Cancer. Thus, we’ve added new advances including the latest treatment of chemotherapy and radiation; the latest research and state-of-the-art techniques on topics such as plastic and reconstructive surgery; key new topics such as fat grafting, thermography, pain management, and a chapter written by an oncology nurse. We also delve into delicate subjects such as money and death in response to feedback from readers, and new scientific evidence on super foods in an updated nutrition chapter. There’s even a Bariatric chapter to inform women about their options in the case of obesity and chapters that address the physical, emotional, and mental health of women like exercise, yoga, and mind/spirit healing.”

To read a synopsis of Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health, visit (paperback, 436 pages, $27.99). The book may be ordered online at in paperback and Kindle (490 pages, $9.99).


About Cindy Papale-Hammontree: Cindy Papale joined the team at the Miami Breast Center as an Administrative Assistant in July of 2010. A Long Island New York native, she moved to Miami Florida in 1972, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Miami. In her 27 years of working with breast cancer patients at the University of Miami School of Medicine, she’s written many grants for breast cancer research. Cindy’s boundless passion for helping other breast cancer survivors became even more pronounced in the aftermath of her own diagnosis and subsequent treatment in July of 2000. In 2008, she released her first book, The Empty Cup Runneth Over ( She has appeared on Channel 6 South Florida Today Show and her survivor story has made the front pages of every local newspaper in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Cindy is also in the process of collaborating with Peabody Award-winning producer Derek Britt on a feature film about her breast cancer journey. Find her on Facebook as Cindy Papale, follow her on twitter @CindyPapale, and contact her at the Miami Breast Center at (305) 365-5595.

About Sabrina Hernandez-Cano: Sabrina Hernandez-Cano RDN, NC, CDE is a Graduate of Florida International University and a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Counselor, and Certified Diabetes Educator. She is in private practice in Miami Florida where she specializes in bariatric nutrition. A member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics since 1994, she served as president of Miami Dietetic Association from 1999-2000 and was the recipient of the Miami Herald Silver Knight award for dedication in community service. Sabrina is also a co-founder of Hummingwell Wellness Bar. She can be reached at

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