Book Review: Soul Mates & Angels

Book Review: Soul Mates & Angels

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This beautiful story drew me in from the moment I began reading. Written in the first person, its tone is at once hopeful, joyful, inquisitive, and thoughtful. Blessed with a supernatural ability to communicate with angels, the main character Anita Lyn Riley struggles to reconcile the mundane aspects of her life — from high school bullies to adolescent crushes — with the knowledge that evil exists everywhere, not just in some far away places.

On a personal level, she knows what it feels like to be misunderstood and feared for being different. When we first meet Anita, she is adapting to her new public high school, having upset the religious sensibilities of the priests and nuns at her former Catholic institution with her tales of reincarnation and otherworldly visions. As the book unfolds, her journey becomes progressively more difficult as circumstances force her to take courageous stands for justice, spurred on by righteous anger.

Filled with endearing characters and thought-provoking insights, Soul Mates & Angels celebrates the unbreakable bond that exists between all humans as children of God, the power of good to overcome evil, and the unseen realm where angels and loved ones are always there to help us.

You can preview and purchase the book, which is now an Amazon Bestseller, here.



Relentless Pursuit of Truth with Thorough Detail – A Review of TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up and the Conspiracy

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As a reader of Jack Cashill’s excellent American Thinker articles, particularly the ones pertaining to TWA 800, I was excited to discover the release of this book, which I read in one sitting. Not only is it well researched, documented, and organized, the author’s writing style draws you in and compels you to keep turning the pages.

While hardly surprising, the painstaking detailing of government corruption — from silencing and discrediting witnesses, to instructing the FBI to tamper with evidence to fit the desired narrative, to arresting two innocent people who dared to uncover to the truth — should make every American angry. Cashill connects the dots and provides ample evidence to support his assertions. He also recounts his biased treatment by the media, including the supposedly “fair and balanced” network, in branding him a “conspiracy theorist” and giving him a ridiculously short amount of time to address complex questions and respond to criticism.

In terms of the witnesses themselves, what surprised me the most was that many were aviation and military professionals — not attention-seekers after their “fifteen minutes of fame.” Their passion for and relentless pursuit of truth, along with the author’s, provides a stark contrast to the self-aggrandizing bureaucrats and government “leaders” complicit in the election year cover-up. Using the example of Rep. Kurt Weldon, the book is also cautionary tale for any honest person who seeks and serves political office for noble reasons and dares to take a stand for justice.

The corruption at every level of government is staggering: how these people live with themselves is beyond comprehension.

To skeptics and believers alike, all I can say is read the book before you draw any conclusions. And thank you, Jack Cashill, for your tireless efforts to uncover the truth about TWA 800.

To purchase the book, click here.


Book Review: ‘The Violet Crow’ by Michael Sheldon

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Masterful storytelling, well-defined characters, witty dialogue, perfectly placed elements of comic relief, and an unpredictable plot make The Violet Crow an entertaining and irresistible read. I fell in love with psychic Bruno X the second he burst onto the scene, having been hired by the police department mainly to placate an overly intrusive, sensationalistic media to help solve a murder in the fictional South Jersey suburb of Gardenfield. What begins as a joke eventually vindicates unlikely hero Bruno as he employs Jewish mysticism, mind-reading, and meditation to secure justice for the victims. Along the way, he develops a close friendship with the chief of police and other officers assigned to the case as they attempt to follow the clues and find the guilty — all while being dogged by the relentless P.C.Cromwell, a perfect characterization of today’s morally bankrupt media.

The author weaves several interesting subplots around the main plot, which keeps you guessing until the end. As a native of the Philadelphia area (though I haven’t lived there in two decades), I laughed out loud at his descriptions of South Jersey dialects and employment of Yiddish words and phrases, and enjoyed the book’s familiar settings including Caesar’s in Atlantic City. I also appreciated the author’s realistic portrayal of psychic ability. Most of all, I hope he’s planning a series around Bruno X because he’s one of the most endearing, unique characters I’ve come across in modern literature. Looking forward to Bruno’s future adventures!

Check out Mickey Z’s Boardwalk here.

Missed my Writestream interview with Michael back in September? Click below to listen.


‘In The Context of Love’ Hope Springs Eternal

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In The Context of Love, hope springs eternal even under the worst of circumstances. Once I started, I simply couldn’t put this book down as I followed its main character Angelica through a complicated personal journey of spiritual, emotional, and physical maturity. The author’s vibrant descriptions of complex characters, adolescent longings, Midwestern winters, social mores, and cultural traditions underscores a heart-wrenching plot centered around flawed humanity and the unintended consequences of well-intentioned decisions. Without giving away spoilers, the story hinges upon a horrific event from the past which, once discovered by the protagonist, shatters everything she thought she knew and understood about her family and romantic relationships. Its ripple effect on other characters weaves a compelling tale that will keep you guessing until the end. Kudos to the author for keeping hope alive, balancing good and bad with relatable characters, and abstaining from the temptation to paint an entire sex as evil because of the despicable crimes of one individual. In The Context of Love will leave you feeling as if love always finds a way to prevail, no matter how difficult the obstacles.

Last month I interviewed author Linda Sienkiewicz on Writestream Tuesday. If you missed it, click below. The literary technique she discusses in the interview was one of the elements of the book that held my interest and had me speculating all the way to the end. I was pleasantly surprised when I turned out to be wrong about where I thought the final scene would take place. If you’re looking for a page-turning escape from the mundane, I highly recommend In The Context of Love.

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