2013: Writestream Year in Review


As I look back over the past year, I am truly grateful for all of new opportunities that came my way both professionally and personally. The last five years or so have been especially crazy as I’ve worked my butt of to produce high-quality books, develop my skills as an internet radio host, promote myself as a social media manager and trainer, establish new internet networks, edit books, write blog posts, recruit hosts and bloggers, etc., etc. — all while maintaining my political activism and attempting to have a social life.


And in 2013, these efforts began to pay off. The year started with the renewal of a project that had been placed on hold – ghostwriting a book called Steps To Salvation, which is now in the final stages of revisions. We’re also working with a designer (who also happens to be an incredibly talented author!) to create the perfect logo and book cover. In first quarter 2014, my client and I plan to release this earth-shattering book which is set in 400 years into the future, having learned the lessons from the past. Ahead of the book’s release, look for a blog and social media platforms to begin generating lots of buzz!


Then in March of 2013 I launched the Writestream Radio Network with Lisa Tarves and John Gresham. Conceived as a way of attracting listeners with a broad range of tastes and interests, I purposely selected experts in various fields to help in this effort. Certified holistic health practitioner and meta-physician Lisa was the perfect choice to host a show that delves into all aspects of spirituality, health and wellness, paranormal and psychic.

Named after Lisa’s book,  Just Believe with Lisa Tarves debuted the first Sunday of March in 2013 and has been steadily growing in listeners ever since. A few months ago, Lisa moved the time from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern to accommodate her audience, with excellent results. Tune in every Sunday!


Military historian, author, journalist and game designer John D. Gresham has appeared as a consultant in countless cable network productions to offer his insights on various military events. But when I invited him to host Military Monday on Writestream every Monday at 1 p.m. Eastern, John enthusiastically agreed. I’m honored to have such an accomplished host on the Writestream team and encourage you to listen to his show every week for a fascinating, insightful analysis of all things military. Each show features John and an expert guest discussing a particular issue or event pertaining to our men and women in uniform.

Author/military historian John D. Gresham.
Author/military historian John D. Gresham.

John puts a significant amount of time, effort and care into every broadcast, which is evident when you listen to him live on the air. I hope you’ll continue to support Military Monday in 2014!

Writestream Tuesday also debuted this past March. Every week I welcome an author from a different genre to join me to discuss their book(s) and their background as well as their thoughts on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, social media marketing, editing, writing and other ways to connect with their audience. Because I believe so strongly in that spirit of independence and persistence, I tend to mostly interview authors who’ve forged their own path, refusing to change their themes to accommodate the bias of the traditional publishing industry. I’ve discovered a wealth of unsung talent out there and have made it my mission to do whatever I can to help these artists get the exposure and achieve the success they deserve!


In August, my dear friend, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Billie Eizenberg launched Family Power Hour with Family Law Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise. Although this program differs from the others in that neither the hosts nor guests are authors, I wanted to add a call-in show to the network that would address the problems we all face in the modern, fast-paced world. While Family Power Hour is NOT an advice show, it gives listeners an opportunity to call in with their suggestions and questions as to how to effectively deal with things like cyber-bullying, parenting and dating after the age of 50.

Each week Dr. Billie and Sheena invite expert guests to tackle a specific topic of interest. Although they tend to talk about serious issues, their lighthearted and oftentimes humorous approach puts listeners and guests at ease. Tune in every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Eastern to Family Power Hour!

LLL-B-tm copyThen on Friday, November 29 2013, Love Liberty & Lip Gloss debuted on the Writestream Radio Network with hosts Lisa Tarves, Kristyn Fetterman (her lovely daughter) and me. A women’s lifestyle show, LLL covers all things of interest to women including relationships, fashion, make-up, skincare, health and wellness, music, books and so much more. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and join us every Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern!

While I was busy ghostwriting, building Writestream (and another network I’ll talk about in another post), I got a call from another client in June. I’d written the first draft of her fictionalized memoir back in 2010-2011 but after she’d gotten “cold feet” the entire project had been placed on hold. That is, until she called me to say she’d finally received her sign from God, her answered prayer that it was indeed time to move forward with it. So on November 22, we released Reflections on the Ring: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of How She Saved Her Marriage and Family. Check it out here.


Other highlights of 2013:

Meeting and spending a few days with the amazing Harriet Parke, author of Agenda 21.

Getting to know author Balazs Szabo and helping him with some promotion of his book Tweezer Beezer.

Teaming up with Jamie K. Wilson and the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance.

Having the incredible opportunity to talk with nationally syndicated talk radio host Hugh Hewitt on December 27 about social media, Writestream, blogging and activism! I should be receiving the mp3 file of my appearance within the next few days and will post it here.

Finally on a personal note, someone special came into my life back in February. For this I am especially grateful because this man and I connect on a spiritual, intellectual, political and emotional level. Being a private person, I’m not going to divulge any details but he knows who he is…and I sure hope he knows how much I appreciate his support and encouragement with all of my endeavors!

Wishing all of my readers and listeners a very joyful, prosperous and healthy 2014….keep rejoicing in the flow of creativity!



Manic Monday: Hanging with the Goddess tonight!

The Supreme Goddess and me during a visit with author Harriet Parke.

Between managing two internet radio networks, two radio shows and several social media campaigns in addition to writing books for clients, hosting the aforementioned radio shows and content writing for three of my own blogs including this one, life gets a little crazy. And still, there’s always a need to promote my services to keep the funnel full even as I promote others who’ve already hired me. That’s why I am so grateful to my dear friend 1 Supreme Goddess for extending an invitation to join her as her guest on Supreme Sense tonight.

In a refreshing change of pace, I’ll spend most of my visit talking about Writestream, Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss, ghostwriting, social media, blogging, book clients and non-political topics (although chances are we’ll cover a few of those, too). Please feel free to call in with your questions or comments at (914) 338-1458 and join us in the live chat.

Tune in for Supreme Sense with 1 Supreme Goddess and me tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern!


Author and Writestream ‘Just Believe’ host Lisa Tarves has a new website!

Author/metaphysician Lisa Tarves.
Author/metaphysician Lisa Tarves.


And it even has a new blog! Check it out here.

During Lisa’s Just Believe program yesterday, she and I had an on-air conversation about social media, ghostwriting and blogging while awaiting the call-in from her wonderful guest, Debbie Hamilton. Lisa graciously gave me an opportunity to share my services with her audience, with an emphasis on ghostwriting. I congratulated her on setting up a blog on her new site, which we both acknowledged is a commitment requiring discipline and creativity. Honestly, there are some days when I simply don’t have anything to say (yes I know, impossible to believe!) and/or the desire to write a post. But a blog is a fabulous way to connect with and engage your audience, build a following, learn from others and share valuable information.

And the hard, cold reality is that if you’re not giving your readers a reason to come back with fresh, updated and original content it’s impossible to create any kind of a following. Which is why I am hard at work setting up a blog for Lori Colombo-Dunham’s forthcoming book, Reflections on the Ring. Yesterday we received some possible book cover designs from graphic artist Carrie Lundy and I cannot wait to discuss them with my client — the only problem being that choosing one out of several fabulous options is going to be hard!

Look for an announcement in the next few days. 🙂

If you missed Just Believe yesterday, click below to listen.