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‘Where’s My Award?’ with Margot Black on Writestream Tuesday

Please join me today on Writestream Tuesday at 1 PM Eastern when I welcome Margot Black, author of the book ‘Where’s My Award? How to Get Barf out of a Red Carpet and other Tales from a Working Mom in Hollywood and owner of Black Ink PR and Marketing:

Margot Black is the driving force behind Hollywood-based boutique agency Black Ink PR & Marketing and the working mom creator of the acclaimed comedy memoir, Where’s My Award? A story-teller with more than 15 years experience, she works across online, print, television and radio to make PR and marketing dreams come true.

Author Margot Black.

Author Margot Black.

A New York native, she relocated to Los Angeles during her years as a stand up comedian. After endless years of dating men with head-shots, she gave up the idea of TV syndication millions and a kidney-shaped swimming pool to marry Rob, a health industry consultant, who is happily headshot-free (making her the only person on planet Earth to move to Hollywood to find a husband and settle down).

Now a proud trophy wife and dedicated mom to her son Jett, she understands the struggles that every mom who balances career and family faces on a daily basis. Where My Award? is her humorous love letter to working moms everywhere – with a dash of celebrity and Hollywood glamour thrown in for good measure.

Her hobbies now include pairing red wine with her sons’ leftover chicken nuggets, scratching labels off of supermarket cupcakes for bake sales, and deleting spam.

About Margot Black’s book:

Where’s My Award? is a comical look at being a working mom in Hollywood.

It is a love letter to working moms everywhere told from the perspective of former stand up comedian turned publicist living in Hollywood, Margot Black.

Starting from the point at which she decided to quit the road, find a husband and eventually give birth to their son, this personal and humorous memoir offers a unique insight into the daily struggle with the extraordinary demands placed on working moms in America today. Where’s My Award? is told against the glamorous backdrop of Hollywood, celebrity and the business of public relations.

WT_MargotBlack2From pumping breast milk in the bathroom of a Beverly Hills hotel,persuading her reluctant son to act in a TV pilot, saving a famous sportsman’s dignity at a hotel launch, being summoned on stage at a celebrity auction by one of the most famous lawyer’s in the world to getting baby barf out of a red carpet, Margot’s tales are hilarious, hysterical and heart-felt.

Her working mom struggle is real. Who has time for bake sales when you have a Miss Malibu event to PR? And how do you tell the tardy celebrity DJ to hustle because you need to collect your son from pre-school? And what happens when a snowstorm means you’re stuck in New York with a famous chef who is about to appear on The Today Show, when all you want is to be home with your husband and kid?

And don’t get her started on the pressures on being the perfect modern mom?Gluten free, soy free, wheat free, dairy free, organic food is off the menu and Kraft Mac and Cheese on when a working day is so demanding.Collecting Boxtops so that her son’s school can afford new desks drives her crazy and why are all parent teacher meetings scheduled for the middle of the working day?

Margot, who has more than fifteen years working in PR, delivers her candid working mom’s eye view with a large serving of truth, pathos and Cheerios. Where’s My Award? will resonate with working moms who struggle to keep all the balls in the air, a roof over their family’s heads and their boobs in a pert position post childbirth.

You can read the reviews and purchase the book on Amazon.com. To listen to the interview, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday: ‘Where’s My Award?’ with Margot Black at 1 PM Eastern. Dial in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.


UPDATE: Missed the live show? Click below to listen to Margot’s journey from blogger to author and her thoughts about social media marketing and PR.


Filling In for Donna Lyons on Love Liberty & Lip Gloss

As most of you know, the fabulous Donna Lyons took over as host of our women’s lifestyle show, Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on March 10. To help accommodate a well deserved evening off, Lisa Tarves and I have agreed to fill in for her this coming Thursday, August 4 at 7 PM Eastern.

The best part? We’ll be broadcasting in person with a very special guest on whose behalf we will be making an exciting announcement!

If we’re brave enough, we may even do the Facebook Live thing while broadcasting. Yes, we’re making our best attempt to keep up with ever-changing SEO and social media technology. 😉

To listen via your computer, click on this link to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Writestream Founders Lisa and Daria Fill In, on August 4 at 7 PM Eastern. Want to talk to us? Dial in at (347) 945-7246.



Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss: The Mentor in Me with William Todd

Last night I had the pleasure of filling in for Love Liberty & Lip Gloss host Donna Lyons and interviewing the amazing entrepreneur and author of the forthcoming book, The Mentor in Me, William Todd. If you missed it, click to listen.

Being currently involved in The Science of Getting Rich with Tasha Chen and a student of the Law of Attraction for many years, I enjoyed talking to someone who lives it exceptionally well. William is also a protege of Bob Proctor, whom many of you may recognize from the 2006 movie, The Secret. He shared some funny and enlightening stories as well as information on his wonderful mentoring program, which you can discover at his website The Mentor in Me.


Writestream Tuesday: ‘Domino’ with Kia Heavey

12744517_1293532684006875_3960569338568736853_nOne of the best things about my work is the opportunity it affords me to meet and develop relationships with exceptional people. A few years ago, I had the privilege of being introduced to the multi-talented author and graphic designer Kia Heavey who has since become a treasured friend.

In anticipation of our Writestream interview on Tuesday, February 23 at 1 p.m. Eastern, Kia sent me a paperback copy of her third novel, Domino, which currently enjoys a 5-star rating on Amazon. What’s exciting about this latest release is that it won a Kindle Scout contract.


I can’t wait to ask Kia on the air about Amazon’s new program and the ways in which aspiring and seasoned authors may take advantage of it. We welcome your questions at (347) 945-7246 (be sure to press 1, so I know you want to get on the air). To listen live via your computer, click on Writestream Tuesday: ‘Domino’ with Kia Heavey on Tuesday, February 23 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

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