Occupy Unmasked

From Citizens United and Stephen K. Bannon, comes a film I will definitely be watching and reviewing.

Occupy Unmasked – Official Movie Trailer – Citizens United Productions from Citizens United on Vimeo.

It’s time for every patriot to start spreading the truth and enlightening fellow Americans of the high stakes of this coming election — regardless of the cost. Last night on the Smithsonian Channel, I watched a documentary on Benito Mussolini and his black shirts, which instilled me with a renewed appreciation for the courage and intelligence of my ancestors who fled Italy for a better life in America long before this maniac came to power.

And yet, we’re on the brink of ceding the blessings of freedom that our Founding Fathers risked everything to secure. Don’t let it happen. Get informed. Understand why capitalism is the best system in the world for lifting people out of poverty and why government must be limited if man is to be free.