Book Review: Soul Mates & Angels

Book Review: Soul Mates & Angels

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This beautiful story drew me in from the moment I began reading. Written in the first person, its tone is at once hopeful, joyful, inquisitive, and thoughtful. Blessed with a supernatural ability to communicate with angels, the main character Anita Lyn Riley struggles to reconcile the mundane aspects of her life — from high school bullies to adolescent crushes — with the knowledge that evil exists everywhere, not just in some far away places.

On a personal level, she knows what it feels like to be misunderstood and feared for being different. When we first meet Anita, she is adapting to her new public high school, having upset the religious sensibilities of the priests and nuns at her former Catholic institution with her tales of reincarnation and otherworldly visions. As the book unfolds, her journey becomes progressively more difficult as circumstances force her to take courageous stands for justice, spurred on by righteous anger.

Filled with endearing characters and thought-provoking insights, Soul Mates & Angels celebrates the unbreakable bond that exists between all humans as children of God, the power of good to overcome evil, and the unseen realm where angels and loved ones are always there to help us.

You can preview and purchase the book, which is now an Amazon Bestseller, here.



Writestream Publishing Announces New Indie Publishing Packages


After a hugely successful first year, Lisa Tarves and I are thrilled to announce our affiliation with book publicist Michelle Kulp. ¬†Thanks to this partnership, ¬†Writestream Publishing has expanded its menu of services to exceed every client’s expectations, while remaining true to our original vision of making the indie publishing process as simple and affordable as possible.


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