New Santorum Ad: “Rombo”

Earlier this morning I was tweeting with some friends about Rick Santorum, and we were all in agreement that so far he’s been running an excellent, issue-focused campaign. We also expressed our hope that Rick could remain strong in the face of the forthcoming Romney machine assault, now that he’s competing neck-and-neck with the liberal former governor of Massachusetts in Ohio and in Mitt’s home state of Michigan.

This humorous ad that pokes fun at Romney’s tactics proves that Rick’s definitely got game:

Santorum seems to have thankfully learned from Newt’s mistakes. Since humor is one of the most effective ways to make a point and expose the truth, I hope they are plenty more ads like this to come.


Major General Paul Vallely on Conservative Republican Forum

Steve and I had the privilege of interviewing the Major for two segments last night on CRF. Among the topics we covered: military budgets, the Middle East, Israel and the 2012 election. My favorite part of the interview occurred when Major General Vallely paid me a wonderful compliment in response to a question I posed about why it so difficult for so many GOP candidates to articulate a conservative message focused on winning over so-called moderates, who for the most part lack any fully developed political philosophy.

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Jedediah Bila and Vernon Robinson on Conservative Republican Forum

Last night, Steve and I interviewed two excellent guests on Conservative Republican Forum: conservative writer, author, pundit and columnist Jedediah Bila (also a frequent guest on Red Eye) and US Air Force vet and congressional candidate for North Carolina’s 8th District, Vernon Robinson.

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