Sunday Inspiration: American Heart

Sunday Inspiration: American Heart

Since I’ve moved over to this new site, I’ve been transferring content from all of my previous web homes including Palin Drone, and Yesterday, I came across a post I’d written back in 2010, after discovering a beautiful anthem to the USA, performed by Jon David:

But since it’s Friday and I happened to come across this amazingly beautiful song and accompanying video by Jon David, a Hollywood writer and producer who recently “outed” himself as a conservative on Fox News, I just had to post it here. My favorite line: “I’m in love with her and I won’t apologize”. Damn right!

Enjoy, and God bless America!

I am still in the process of reconciling my head and heart to the fact that Mitt Romney is now our GOP challenger to the Marxist-in-Chief — a reality that scares the hell out of me for a myriad of reasons I’ve already stated repeatedly. I won’t rehash it all here (you can click on the links for my commentary), but suffice it to say that you can count me in the Mark Levin camp now that I’ve had a chance to come to terms: I would vote for an orange juice can over Obama.

I just hope the vicious twitter attacks on his wife have sufficiently demonstrated to Mr. Romney that this is a war, not a garden party. Our country has been under assault by the left for over 100 years, and they have been very patient in inflicting progressive (in more ways than one) destruction upon the ideals of the United States Constitution. And now that they have an Alinsky disciple at the reigns of power who has already set in motion policies from which there may be no recovery, they will not give it up without a brutal fight during which they will demonstrate their willingness and talent for pummeling the depths of depravity.

Which is why I wanted an actual conservative fighter like Rick Santorum, not another squishy, milquetoast liberal northeastern Republican.


Ok, so the point of this rant is to express how crucial it is for every patriot — regardless how we rightfully feel about Mr. Romney — to make it our business to get to the polls and 1.) vote Obama out and 2.) support conservative Republicans running for House, Senate and at the local/state levels. Staying home is not an option, no matter how justifiably angry we are at the GOP machine, the conservative elites and the Tea Party groups that allowed themselves to be co-opted by the myth of electability.

Speaking for myself, I’ll be watching inspiring videos like American Heart as a reminder of what we stand to lose if (God forbid!) Obama gets a second term. And right after I pull the lever (or more precisely, touch the screen) at my polling location, I’ll be sure to watch this video to combat my nausea.

May God bless America and her patriots.


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