• Stephen K. Bannon on his new film “Occupy Unmasked”

    Last night Steve and I had the privilege of interviewing conservative film maker Stephen K. Bannon about his new film, Occupy Unmasked. This is a must-listen for everyone who loves America — especially the low-information voters who basically live conservative lives yet somehow still identify with the Democrat Party and the left, at least when it comes time to visit the voting booth.

    Even as an engaged conservative political activist, this film opened my eyes as to just how dangerous the Occupy movement truly is, and how deep its tentacles reach, thanks to a concerted effort by the mainstream media (some of whom are complicit in its very origins). Please click below to listen to our interview and share this with everyone you know.

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  1. […] As Bannon noted in our CRF interview last night, he purposely chose former leftists to help expose the roots and goals of the Occupy movement — people who know from personal experience the destructive aims of the left. These folks, along with Andrew Breitbart, show the audience why the Occupy movement is both an instrument of intimidation and — contrary to the false narrative perpetuated by our corrupt media and members of the US government including President Obama — a product of the organized left, not some “spontaneous, grassroots uprising”. […]

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