Seize The Moment America

Seize The Moment America

Here we are in the final stretch in what has felt at times like an endless campaign. Right now, I am experiencing mixed emotions — on the one hand, I am cautiously optimistic and ready for November 6 and yet on the other, persistently apprehensive knowing that we’re days away from finding out if the American people are ready to choose freedom, opportunity and liberty over ever-expanding government and ultimately, socialism. We’ll either choose to restore our nation to greatness or consign it to the annals of history as a former Super Power that squandered its status as the “last, best hope on earth” because its citizens fell away from God and valued “free stuff” and government dependency over self-reliance, private charity, character, integrity, faith and hard work.

This NRCC video is an excellent reminder of what’s at stake on Tuesday — choose wisely America.

Heading to a Women For Mitt sign waving rally in Boca Raton at the corner of Glades and St. Andrews from 4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. If you’re in the area, join us as we stand in solidarity for Romney-Ryan and all of the pro-freedom candidates on the ticket.

May God bless America with a new president who actually loves his country and will do right by its citizens.


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