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CRFNewLogoI never post appeals for money or sponsorship on my blog, but after Steve made the announcement last night that our sponsor of the last two years is not renewing this year, I thought I’d reach out to my readers and listeners.

First, a little history about CRF Radio. It all started in May of 2009, when my then-Facebook friend (I still hadn’t met him in real life) Steven Rosenblum, asked me if I would like to co-host a political talk show with him. At that point, I’d been co-hosting with the awesome Premo Mondone of Red State Town Hall and the wonderful Stephen Rhodes of The Republican Temple. One day, Premo asked me if I could fly solo as he had a family commitment that conflicted with the next Red State Town Hall broadcast. Although I was really nervous (it would be the first time I’d host a show alone), I thought it would be a great opportunity to break out of my comfort zone, so I accepted Premo’s offer.

Prior to going live, I contacted several friends, including Steve, to appeal to them to call in to the show to opine and debate on whatever political/cultural issue was on their mind. Steve ended up calling in, and although I don’t even remember the conversation we had on the air, we immediately “clicked” professionally. That prompted him to want to start his own show, with me as co-host, using a back-and-forth type of format where we’d mention a topic and then give each other the chance to offer ourĀ individual take on the air. Once I accepted his invitation, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d have to give up something else.

RedStateTalkRadioEventually, I moved on from both Red State Town Hall and The Republican Temple to focus my energy on this new show with Steve, who like me, lived in South Florida. Some time later, Conservative Republican Forum became CRF Radio and a proud member of the Red State Talk Radio Network when Premo launched that effort — which has been an invaluable tool in gaining exposure for our show, now a Featured BTR Host. Additionally, thanks to Premo’s outstanding work the Red State Talk Radio Network was recently named Tops in Talk.

Over the years, Steve and I have interviewed some exceptional guests including Mike Cutler, Greg Gutfeld, Mike Baker, Michelle Malkin, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, Major General Paul Vallely, Jedediah Bila, Ava Aston, Stephen K. Bannon, Harriet Parke, Kevin Scholla and Ellen Karis. We appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to join us on the air and our loyal listeners, who have tuned in week after week either during the live broadcast or in the archives.

Neither one of us has made a dime for our efforts over the past four years, which have certainly been difficult for both of us financially. Our main goal with CRF Radio is to influence to the extent we are able, our own little corner of the world; to educate, inform and hopefully persuade others to fight for our country and constitution. All we’re asking for is a little help in covering the costs of a Premium BTR Membership so we can stay on the air. Especially now that we’re a Featured Host, we’d really really love to continue delivering the very best programming possible.

If you know of any business owner, host or individual who might be willing to sponsor us, please contact me. Steve and I thank you for your continued support!

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