Reviving Writestream

The view from my new office.

The other day I accepted a year-long ghostwriting project for a fascinating¬†and illuminating book rife with themes of spirituality, redemption and political upheaval, featuring both fictional characters and historical figures. It’s an honor to have been selected for such a worthy project and I am looking forward to channeling my creative energy into the endeavor. Of course, it’s always a little nerve-wracking to be entrusted with bringing someone else’s vision to life — a responsibility I take very seriously. Which is just one of many reasons why I want to revive Writestream.

When I interviewed Harriet Parke along with my co-host Steven Rosenblum last month, she relayed the story of how her writing support group had been instrumental in the completion of her book Agenda 21, encouraging her to expand what she’d originally believed to be a simple short story into the first of 49 compelling chapters. I first realized the importance of constructive feedback back in 2008 when I penned Water Signs and shared it with a select group of readers who fit my demographic. Thanks to their interest and input, I was able to complete the book in four months and develop the confidence to put it out on social media and other “real-life” venues, like the Delray Beach Library. So I know that one of the keys to writing success involves seeking the wisdom of those who’ve gone before you.

And while I am still working on my sequel, my priority now is my client’s book for which I am drawing upon the support, wisdom and guidance of other professional writers in a variety of genres and disciplines. Thus my goal with the newly revamped Writestream is to not only showcase talented writers and authors and their work, but also to delve into various aspects of the writing process with them. From fiction to nonfiction, to ghostwriting to editing, to content writing to blogging, to proofreading and marketing, I want to learn from those who’ve done it successfully. And of course, give my listeners the same opportunity.

It’s still in the planning stages but my goal is to have Writestream broadcasting by the first week of March, along with a companion twitter chat, using #writestream. Please stay tuned for updates and let me know if you have any suggestions for authors, writers and editors I should interview!


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