• Red State Talk Radio Awards

    Premo Mondone, proprietor of Red State Talk Radio, which rebroadcasts CRF Radio among a multitude of excellent internet programs, recently announced the winners for 2012’s talk radio awards.


    The winner of the “Talk Show of the Year Award is:

    The Ruthie Report

    Ruthie’s show had the largest average number of listeners per broadcast. It was a close race.  CRF Media was second, followed by Red State Town Hall.

    The winner of the “Excellence in Broadcasting” award is:

    Freedom’s Wings

    Diane Student, host of Freedom's Wings.

    Diane Student, host of Freedom’s Wings.

    This is the 2nd consecutive win for Diane.  The vote was a tie between
    Freedom’s Wings and the Red State Town Hall, both with five votes each.
    Since it’s my station, I declare Freedom’s Wings the winner.

    Emphasis mine. I’ll readily admit I voted again this year for Diane as she consistently produces high-quality, informative and irreverent broadcasts not one, not two, but three days a week — all while running a successful small business. It’s best to listen live to get the full effect of the always rockin’ chat room occupied mostly by like-minded patriots with an occasional troll or two in the mix. Most of the time though, I catch her rebroadcasts and those of the other Red State hosts via the Red State Talk Radio Listen Live feature.


    Regrettably, I don’t thank Premo enough for all of the extraordinary effort he puts in on behalf of his hosts, but it is genuinely appreciated. Being the stand-up guy he is, I’m also not surprised that he’d break the tie between his show and Freedom’s Wings in such a classy way.

    And yes, I am thrilled that CRF Radio came in a close second in a contest determined strictly by the number of listeners per show. Thank you to everyone who tunes in consistently, both live and in the archives — we certainly hope you’ll continue to join us throughout 2013!

    Congratulations to Ruthie, Red State Town Hall and Diane from Freedom’s Wings for the well-deserved honors!

    Check out all of the exceptional hosts at Red State Talk Radio here.

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