Red State is ‘Tops’ in Talk, LinkedIn hits 200 Million Members

Red State is ‘Tops’ in Talk, LinkedIn hits 200 Million Members


So two unexpected milestones were achieved this week, although I’m not quite sure how I managed one of them. 😉

The first is wholly attributable to the fabulous Premo Mondone, proprietor of the Red State Talk Radio network, of which Steve and I have been a part since its inception a few years back. Premo has been an indefatigable force in marketing the network for the benefit of his participating hosts — an effort for which he receives no compensation and in fact, invests his own time, effort and money for our mutual success.

Well Premo — and by extension, his grateful hosts — have been richly rewarded for their work by being named The Top Talk Radio Network for 2012!

Congratulations to Red State Talk Radio who has been selected as the Top Talk Radio Internet Network for 2012. TTRs panel evaluates leading Internet streaming radio networks in part based on factors of consistent conservative content, adhering to those values and principles, originality, authenticity, passion and compelling topics of their respective individual shows. Red State Talk Radio is apparently emerging as the leader in the arena of Internet based Talk Radio Networks and setting the standard for Conservative Talk Radio both on-line and through the airwaves.

Check out CRF Radio’s profile on Top Talk Radio here. Very honored to be including among so many exceptional talkers!

The second unexpected achievement comes from LinkedIn, upon receiving this email from them this morning:

Daria, congratulations!

You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.
LinkedIn now has 200 million members. Thanks for playing a unique part in our community!

Here’s the official letter from the PTB at LinkedIn.

Pretty cool, huh?

And that’s without even making the very best effort to interact daily with groups and people on the site, something I plan to improve upon this year.

Congrats to LinkedIn on their remarkable milestone!

Very proud and thankful to be involved with both networks.


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