Atkins Diary — 15 Weeks Down!

Ralph and me, having a blast at Carolyn's party.
The other day in a post about Ralph, I mentioned an uplifting family event on the horizon which I could not yet discuss in detail. Well that celebration — my sister Carolyn’s Surprise 50th Birthday Party — took place this Saturday night and it was fabulous! In another post I will detail my party planning, including the magnificent roses we ordered from Giant Supermarket (yes, you read that correctly!) to use for the centerpieces. Mom and I took the lead on a few key elements like decor, disc jockey and other flourishes, so between party-planning and taking care of Ralph’s issues it’s been a little harrowing. Especially when my extremely intelligent sister (who works as a medical malpractice defense lawyer for doctors) is a master of “interrogation”; I almost spilled the beans a few times so it was a huge relief to finally see her genuinely shocked face when everyone yelled “Surprise”!

Seriously, she’d be great in the CIA or FBI if she ever decided to give up law.

Anyway, back to Atkins. Another week has passed with mostly positive results. The red dress I purchased from Boscov’s for the party (without actually trying on), was actually a bit big although thankfully not obvious to other people. And up until last Friday when I made four batches of Italian Wedding Cookies, my momentum of adherence to the plan had remained strong. But unfortunately, I caved into trying a few of my creations (had to make sure they tasted good, right?) which turned out exceptionally well thanks in part to using real lemon extract, not the imitation stuff.

Cousin Annie (left) and nieces Julianna and Alexa pose for a photo with me.
The day of the party, I stuck to the diet and once the celebration was underway at Springfield Country Club, even managed to skip the high-carb hot hors d’oeuvres in favor of sampling two Atkins friendly scallops wrapped in bacon. I also skipped the pasta course, preferring to wait for the salad and main entree of prime rib (melt-in-the-mouth awesomeness), green beans almondine (one of my favorites) and…ok I will admit it….a few forkfuls of mashed potatoes (and yes, I have missed those!).

Later I did have a few bites of cake and a scoop of silky smooth vanilla ice cream, the kind you can only enjoy at events such as these.

Fortunately, I danced most of the night away thanks to Tom Barrett Disc Jockeys (more about them in my party post), which hopefully helped to offset the previously eschewed carb and sugar infusions. But as my I’ve noted from the beginning: life will keep happening in spite of the fact that you’re on a diet and sometimes that means making allowances. So I carefully chose my battles; I gave up the pasta and ate a few mouthfuls of mashed potatoes (leaving most of them on the plate); opted for the low-carb hors d’oeuvres (even though I was really dying to try the mini-quesadillas, spanakopita and pigs in the blanket) and ate some (but not all) of my cake.

And yes, I had ice cream.

You know what?

The world didn’t stop. I went right back on the diet the next day and have been back on plan ever since. And in a way, that’s another kind of victory because it’s proof that I can emotionally let go of the fact that I “cheated” on the diet (which usually leads to a downward spiral of bad eating). No regrets, but no excuses…right back to it beginning with breakfast the next day.

As for Ralph, he had an absolute blast and it was incredible to watch him laugh, smile, gyrate, twist, dance, sing and enjoy life with his own special flair once again. Aside from my sister being truly surprised, that was the highlight of my evening.

Have a great week!


Follow Up on Brett Kimberlin – UPDATED

On May 25, I participated in a Blogburst to help expose domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his vile attacks on free speech and conservatives who dare to tell the truth about him.

Please visit The Other McCain (who is blogging from an undisclosed location for his own safety and the safety of his family) for up-to-the-minute developments in this bizarre, convoluted and outrageous case of thuggery, legal system abuse and fraud. There’s even a connection to Weiner-gate, as if this story needed to be any more revolting.

The phrase quoted in the title is from a Firedoglake diarist who accurately calls the Brett Kimberlin story a “complex saga, as densely peopled and subplotted as a 19th century Russian novel.” While I resent the suggestion that I’m involved in any sort of “hysteria” — vigilante or otherwise — I’m linking the FDL diary because it offers a rather concise summary of how this story connects to the WeinerGate scandal.

As explained in a previous post, Neal Rauhauser’s involvement with Brett Kimberlin apparently began in 2011. In February of this year, Rauhauser published a bizarre eight-page document (“Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?”) expressing the belief that he and Kimberlin were targets of a conspiracy involving Andrew Breitbart and many others, including Mike Stack, who played a key role in exposing Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner’s online sexcapades.

Rauhauser is a fanatical “Weiner Truther,” believing in a conspiracy theory version of the WeinerGate scandal in which the congressman was the victim of a “set up” hoax perpetrated by Andrew Breitbart and/or shadowy Republican operatives. This left-wing tinfoil-hat stuff doesn’t really interest me, but it explains Rauhauser’s apparent obsession with Mike Stack, who is believed to be the only person who knows the true identity of “Dan Wolfe,” the guy who first spotted the incriminating Twitter message from Weiner.

Read the entire thing at The Other McCain.

Also, from Michelle Malkin learn more about the free speech-trampling judge in the Kimberlin case and about how you can help Aaron Walker fight back:

Over the weekend, audio and transcripts of blogger Aaron Walker’s hearing in Maryland hit the Internet. Lying, violent convicted bomber felon and vexatious litigant Brett Kimberlin lied some more. And contrary to the propaganda spread online by Kimberlin’s cabal last week, it was Internet-ignorant and unbelievably arrogant Judge Cornelius Vaughey — not Aaron Walker — who displayed the worst contempt.

READ THIS POST about the hearing from Kimberlin target Patrick (Patterico) Frey, send it to mainstream media reporters, and spread the word to First Amendment experts, pundits, and lawyers (emphasis added):

In this post I will just highlight a few key passages that show a) how rude and dismissive the judge was; b) how dishonest Kimberlin was; and c) most important, that the judge disregarded Supreme Court precedent and found Aaron in violation of a peace order for his public statements about a public figure.

These excerpts also show that the judge issued an order preventing Aaron from blogging about Kimberlin for six months — a clearly unconstitutional prior restraint of speech.

I’ll get to the transcripts in a moment, but I want to say one thing first.

Now that it is clear that Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging about a public figure — and that a judge has imposed unconstitutional restraints on his speech rights — the next steps are clear:

Aaron Walker needs an immediate court order modifying the current peace order. There must be a clear judicial order stating that Aaron is allowed him to blog, tweet, and otherwise express himself publicly about public figure Brett Kimberlin. Every second that he is muzzled from speaking out is an intolerable crushing of his most sacred American right of free speech.
Aaron Walker needs legal help to obtain a reversal of this unconstitutional peace order, as well as to fight the possible criminal case against him for violating that peace order.

Aaron Walker needs a permanent injunction preventing Brett Kimberlin from seeking peace orders against Aaron based on his public speech about Kimberlin.

To accomplish these goals, we need the spotlight of Big Media on this tremendous injustice. Please spread the word, far and wide.

Let’s all do our part to preserve the sacred right of free speech and secure justice for upstanding bloggers “lawfared” and bullied by Kimberlin. Why this convicted bomber and blight on civilized society isn’t in prison instead of running around free and making life miserable for decent, honest people is beyond me.

UPDATE: National Bloggers Club president targeted by Kimberlin supporters.

From Twitchy:

Supporters of convicted bomber and online terrorist Brett Kimberlin have gone after another conservative activist and his family with their anti-free speech thuggery.

Ali Akbar is the president of the National Bloggers Club, the group that organized the fund to support Kimberlin’s targets. He reported the attack on Twitter this afternoon.

Twitchy has confirmed that a suspected Kimberlin associate used online intimidation tactics to target Ali and at least one member of his family. Attempts have been made to access sensitive information about his family members and to hack his personal Twitter account and multiple National Bloggers Club accounts.

Visit Twitchy for the full story, including Akbar’s courage and defiance in the face of thuggery.


American Crossroads: Hope Has Changed Into Fear

Love these American Crossroads ads! Here’s the latest, rightfully slamming Obama for his unmitigated hypocrisy (do liberals/progressives ever engage in anything else but hypocrisy as they consistently project their worst behaviors onto conservatives/Republicans?). As with every time I see or hear Obama, I was completely repulsed watching him in action in this video but it’s important in a an election season to employ the Divider-in-Chief’s own words and deeds against him for those who may still be harboring illusions about him or his presidency.

On a related note, here’s a fun one of Juan Williams’ justifiably amused and stunned reaction to Team Obama’s Anna Wintour ad, released last Friday — the same day those anemic job numbers came out. Because nothing says, “middle class” or “working class” quite like a wealthy, out-of-touch, Manhattan-dwelling, lefty elite and her Hollywood pal Sarah Jessica Parker.

Via The Lonely Conservative:

For the record, I’ve never seen one episode of the long-ago cancelled Sex and the City. Living in Boca Raton, if I wanted to observe the travails of self-absorbed, narcissistic, superficial women all I had to do was head out my front door. Ditto for Ally McBeal — a show whose popularity (much like Obama’s) I never quite understood, with a neurotic, self-obsessed main character and a cast of equally neurotic, whiny hand-wringers. Is it any wonder most celebrities support this narcissistic one-termer?

Good thing they all live in an echo chamber and remain clueless to the fact that ads like these will only serve to alienate the “bitter clingers” even further. So I say keep ’em coming.