Working Even Harder for Liberty

In light of Justice Roberts’ supremely misguided decision to abandon reason by NOT siding with the four constitutional conservatives on the Court, the Tea Party is more fired up than ever to take our country back. Given that we’ll celebrate the greatest political decision in the history of the world this coming Wednesday, I am taking inspiration in those brave, dedicated and indefatigable men who against all odds defeated tyranny and forged a new nation based on individual liberty.

Over at Big Government, Kurt Schlicter issues a clarion call: Don’t Get Mad, Get To Work:

From all the doom and gloom and outright despair we’re hearing from some on our side, it’s a wonder that we haven’t taken a collective leap off a ledge. The nation is finished, the Constitution is over, there is no hope…
The hell with that. Nothing is over — not until we say it is.

When a military unit gets hit by the enemy, it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t whine. It assesses the situation, it reorganizes, and it counterattacks.

Let’s assess the situation. Obamacare is constitutional, but only under one waterboarded interpretation of the taxing power. So now Obamacare is officially and forever a tax – and America’s newest liberal icon said so. People hate taxes. That’s a handy fact; let’s tuck that little hand grenade in our ammo pouch, because we’ll be using it.

What do the American people think of the decision? The polls don’t show them as particularly impressed by Roberts’s legalistic onanism. It’s always nice to know you’re going into a fight with the majority of citizens on your side – particularly old ones, who all vote and all hate Obamacare for eviscerating Medicare to give free health services to deadbeats.

Let’s talk reorganization – except it’s less reorganization than reactivation. This is “Tea Party II: The Revenge,” and for once the sequel is going to be even better than the original.

Read the whole thing. Then roll up your sleeves and get to work. I know I am.

UPDATE: In the first paragraph, it would seem I lumped in “Swing” Justice Kennedy with Judges Alito, Thomas and Scalia as a constitutional conservative. Just wanted to clarify that in this instance at least, Kennedy acted to uphold the United States Constitution, much to the surprise of many conservatives.


The Morning After: Tea Party Alive and Well

In the aftermath of yesterday’s treacherous Supreme Court ruling, some progressives and so-called “fiscal conservatives” (i.e. moderate squishes) were gloating about the death of the Tea Party on Twitter. Turns out, reports of the Tea Party’s demise have been greatly exaggerated:

Roll Call: Health Care Ruling Energizes Tea Party

The movement, born in 2009 from the opposition to the health care overhaul, has developed a professionalism that few expected, attracting seasoned operatives and winning allies in Congress. Vitriolic protests have taken a back seat to well-executed fundraising campaigns. Groups such as the Tea Party Express have raised tens of millions of dollars on the promise of derailing the health care law.

And, in many ways, Thursday’s ruling is exactly what they had been training for.
With its mission left intact by the ruling, the Tea Party Patriots, an umbrella organization that raised $12.2 million from May 2010 to May 2011, instantly launched an online petition slamming the court for ruling “against the American people” and fired off a fundraising email that a spokesman said brought in three times more money than a typical appeal.
“To those that are rejoicing that this monstrosity is partially upheld, I have got four little words for you: This is not over,”

Keli Carender, national grass-roots coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, told the crowd gathered outside the court. “If you thought that November 2010 was historic, you just wait for November 2012.”
Let Freedom Ring, a Philadelphia-based tea party group, green-lighted a plan to roll out television advertisements focused on the law in key battleground states. FreedomWorks, the conservative advocacy group chaired by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas), lambasted the court for “judicial activism” and pledged to “double down” its efforts to repeal the law.

And that’s the thing the left doesn’t seem to get: The Tea Party movement has advanced from taking to the streets to protest to professionally organizing to get genuine conservatives elected in the House and Senate. As I tweeted last night, if you think the Tea Party is no longer relevant, you must not have heard about Richard Mourdock, Deb Fischer and Ted Cruz, just to name a few victories in the effort to rid ourselves of “go-along-to-get-along” “me too” Republicans and replace them with US Constitution-supporting representatives.

Oh…and we’re well aware that funding is also necessary for success.

Michelle Malkin: Romney rakes in over $4 million in less than 24 hours following Obamacare ruling. Via The Hill:

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has raised $4.6 million since the Supreme Court ruled that President Obama’s healthcare law is constitutional.

Romney started raising funds immediately after the decision, and in a message to supporters Friday morning his campaign spokeswoman said he had raised $4.6 million from 47,000 donations.

This morning, the Romney campaign had raised $4.3 million less than 24 hours since the court’s ruling.

“As of this morning, we have raised $4.3 million with 43,000 donations online,” spokeswoman Andrea Saul said early Friday.

“The Supreme Court may have found ObamaCare constitutional, but it remains just as disastrous for job creators as the day the law was passed. ObamaCare is a job killer — it raises taxes, cuts Medicare and puts government between patients and their doctors,” Saul added.

Sorry progs, but to quote one of our favorite conservative women, “We’re here. We’re clear. Get used to it!”

Of course, in the immediate aftermath, many of us needed to vent our anger and frustration. Which is why I was especially glad it was a Freedoms Wings Thursday!

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Thank you Diane Student for allowing us to rant!


Reactions to Obamacare Decision

It’s been about five hours since Chief Justice Roberts consigned us all to government slavery and I am still as infuriated as I was this morning — to the point where I can’t even seem to write about it.

Here’s a round-up of reaction around the blogosphere, including one from a stalwart conservative candidate for United States Congress, Daria Novak. Folks, the stakes are even higher now come November…we MUST make more gains in the House and overtake the Senate with constitutional conservatives, along with defeating Barack Obama. If not, it will be impossible to stop the “fundamental transformation” of America into a failed European-style welfare state or worse, a dictatorship.

The old adage about not discussing religion and politics has done nearly irreparable harm to our once great nation while progressives were busy indoctrinating Americans via pop culture, media, public education and academia. If we had an electorate that actually understood the US Constitution and the sheer magnitude of what our Founding Fathers accomplished, someone like Barack Obama could have NEVER been elected. Or any squishy moderate Republican for that matter.

From Daria Novak, candidate for US Congress, CT:


Madison, CT — Today the Supreme Court handed down their decision upholding the individual mandate and declaring Obamacare a tax on the American people. “My goal cannot be any clearer. As your representative in the next Congress I will VOTE TO REPEAL THIS TAX,” said Novak.

“I am the only candidate running in this Congressional District who is standing strong against this bad legislation. Rep. Courtney ignored the will of the people and supported this mandatory tax promising us big government, big debt, and interference in our private lives. It is BAD legislation. I pledge to you, the voters of Eastern Connecticut, I will vote to repeal this healthcare tax in the next Congress and restore your individual liberty,” continued Novak.

We can replace the job-killing Obamacare tax, restore our rights and ensure the next generation is not left to pay our debt. We can work to reform healthcare so that up to 20 million citizens don’t lose their right to keep their current insurance. It’s your choice now. Are you going to support a big, intrusive and all-powerful government or sound healthcare policy? Which option do you think is best for you and your family?

When I am in Congress I will work to lower healthcare costs while ensuring government bureaucrats don’t come between you and your doctor, that pre-existing conditions don’t disqualify individuals, and that every state has good access to health care.

It is extremely critical I have your support today. Please donate. The financial reporting quarter ends in 48 hours. Make your voice heard and your vote count.

Donate to Daria’s campaign today.

Breitbart: Did Roberts Give In To Obama’s Bullying?

As legal scholars study the Supreme Court’s decision in the Obamacare case, more and more are concluding that Justice Anthony Kennedy’s dissenting opinion, striking down the law in its entirety, was once the majority opinion–and that Chief Justice John Roberts switched his vote at a late stage. If so, it would appear that the Chief Justice may have succumbed to the bullying meted out by President Barack Obama, who attacked the Court in the aftermath of oral arguments in March, when Obamacare seemed headed for certain defeat.

As National Review’s Ed Whelan, the Volokh Conspiracy’s David Bernstein, and others are pointing out, the dissent refers to another opinion as “the dissent” and uses the pronoun “we,” as if speaking for the Court, as majority opinions typically do. In addition, the dissent focuses on the government’s arguments, rather than tackling the majority head-on. That suggests that a switch–most likely by the Chief Justice himself–may have come very late in the game, too late to offer more than the most cursory revisions of the opinions in the case.

Glenn Beck is righteously outraged:

In a stunning move, The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday delivered President Obama a game-changing victory by upholding the Affordable Care Act, “affectionately” dubbed “Obamacare.” The ruling reinforces Obama’s attempt to secure “affordable” health care to some 45 million Americans and its individual mandate on which the entire bill hinged, was upheld as a “tax.” Despite the myriad experts who deemed the bill unconstitutional, somehow it passed 4-5 in the court, with conservative Chief Justice John Roberts unbelievably swinging the decision in the president’s favor. The reasons behind this apparent breach remain unclear.

(Related: After SCOTUS Decision, Beck Urges Everyone to Attend FreePAC in Dallas This July)

The news delivers a staggering blow to business owners across the country, who will not be able to afford the insurance requirements for its employees under the bill. Needless to say, the news went over like a lead balloon with Glenn Beck and his radio co-hosts Pat and Stu — so much so that they nearly violated FCC language requirements.

Beck, impassioned like never before, urged listeners to go to to make sure they are registered to vote. He also asked that each person go through their Rolodex of contacts and ensure their friends, family and peers are also registered. “If we do not repeal this I don’t know how to do business anymore,” Beck warned.

When Beck and his team found out that it was in fact Roberts’ decision that pushed the bill through, they were visibly and audibly stunned. Beck surmised that the reason for Roberts’ decision likely hinges on the pervasive nature of progressivism.

From Western Free Press, a silver lining:

In 1774, the Intolerable Acts (a.k.a. the Coercive Acts) were met with great anger by the American Colonists. Added to outrage over earlier actions by from mother country—the Stamp Act, the poor behavior of British regulars stationed in Boston, the taxation of rum, tea, and other things the colonists bought and sold—the Intolerable Acts helped fuel the American Revolution. But would have happened if the British had forbore? What if they hadn’t started quartering soldiers in private homes? What was the tipping point outrage—the one that made revolution possible? What if they hadn’t taxed tea, or if they hadn’t passed the Intolerable Acts? Would there have been enough outrage to spark the fight? Pull one thread out of that tapestry, and perhaps the whole thing unravels.

The Colonists saw the Acts as a very bad thing—and so they fought. None of us today would go back and pull a single thread from that tapestry, for fear that perhaps our Revolution never would have happened. Sometimes, big bad things lead to big good things. In some cases, good things might never happen at all without being preceded by a big bad thing. If you think of your own life, you may even see examples of this: things that seemed terrible at the time, but that ended up being necessary to bring about a greater good.

Today’s ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) was, when looking at the intent of the Framers of our Constitution, a bad, bad thing. As much as we would like to believe such things are not possible, they are. The Supreme Court has gotten many things wrong throughout American history—sometimes, spectacularly wrong. But in the long march of history, today’s decision may be exactly what we needed. Don’t get me wrong—on the merits themselves, this decision is certainly not what we had hoped. However, there are a number of silver linings here, both in the decision itself and in the ramifications it will have.

Read the whole thing.

And to the so-called swing voters and independents (in other words, low-information voters), please pretend this year’s presidential election is American Idol and vote for the best qualified candidates for House, Senate and President. Hint: It’s not Obama….thanks for nothing for saddling us with him in the first place.