Rep. Sandy Adams Demonstrates Leadership

I’m a little late to the blogging game today, but was delighted to turn on my computer and discover this heartening news from The Other McCain — Florida Rep. Sandy Adams Leads 85 House Republicans in SWATting Letter:

Earlier Mandy Nagy of reported that 70 House Republicans were prepared to sign a letter calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the dangerous “SWATting” of conservative commentators. Now, Kerry Pickett of The Washington Times reports that the number of signatories is 85:

Congresswoman Sandy Adams, Florida Republican, sent a letter on Monday, signed by 87 House Republicans, to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to assign Justice Department officials to investigate the recent threat of “SWAT-tings.” (Scroll further down for letter in bold)

A SWAT-ting happens when a person calls 911 emergency dispatch services under another individual’s name and falsely claims he or she is committing a violent crime. Such an act is committed to cause local law enforcement authorities (like a SWAT team) to surround and enter the residence of an innocent individual, who was impersonated and framed for a violent crime through the 911 call. The false call can be made via the internet, so as to mask the true caller’s identity and location.

“My concern is someone is going to get hurt,” Rep. Adams told me on Friday. “It’s very dangerous for the people living in the home that didn’t call 911, because they have no awareness whatsoever that something like that had happened. So they open the door to law enforcement whether it’s with or without guns drawn.”

“It’s a danger to the law enforcement agency that is being sent there, and it’s also a danger to the people in the community, because you’re pulling people away from what could be a real emergency.”

Congresswoman Adams is a first term Capitol Hill lawmaker and has a military and law enforcement background. Following her time in the Air Force, she served for seventeen years as a deputy sheriff in the Orange County, Florida.

“We were dispatched from 911 calls where there were shots fired and holding of a hostage. Those were the things that you went to and you’re going to want to know that,” she said.

The SWAT-ting issue caught the Florida Congresswoman’s attention when she heard that CNN contributor and Red State blogger Erick Erickson was a victim of a swat in late May. Another blogger who was SWAT-ted, Patrick Frey, a Los Angeles assistant district attorney, went through the terrifying experience in July of 2011.

Notice not ONE Democrat signed this letter…am I to believe that if the situation had been reversed, had lefty bloggers been targeted and swatted by a domestic terrorist, they wouldn’t be howling about it on every available news channel and hyperventilating over the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” that’s trying to kill free speech and the rights of other Americans to exercise it??? Yeah, the question pretty much answers itself.

But here’s another one that’s not quite as clear: why isn’t every House Republican’s name on this list?

Anyway, kudos to Rep. Sandy Adams for spear-heading this effort. Thrilled to see my Congressman Allen West’s name there too.


Go West!

According to my good friend and original Conservative Diva Ellen Snyder, Congressman Allen West’s campaign kick-off was standing room only. I wasn’t able to be there, but thanks to Conservative New Media, here’s the video of his awesome speech:

Congressman Allen West is a patriot and a statesman who consistently demonstrates courage, conviction and integrity. Unlike many others who go to Washington D.C. seeking to make deals and enrich themselves, West has never forgotten the people he represents or the principles of the United States Constitution. He defended it honorably during his military service and continues to do so in the United States Congress. God bless him.

Go West in 2012!