What Really Happened to TWA Flight 800?

Yesterday, I discussed my avid interest in Air Disasters. Today, I came across this provocative piece from American Thinker on the crash of TWA Flight 800 – an event presented as the result of faulty maintenance on the part of the airline:

But as Jack Cashill notes, there are still numerous unanswered questions about this disaster, which took place three years after the 1993 WTC bombing, five years before 9/11 and a few months prior to the presidential election:

Mike Wire, a no-nonsense millwright and U.S. Army vet, watched events unfold from the Beach Lane Bridge in Westhampton on Long Island. Wire had seen a white light traveling skyward from the ground at approximately a 40-degree angle, sparkling and zigzagging before culminating in a massive fireball.

To control the information flow, the White House hit upon a strategy that dazzled in its simplicity and in its sheer nerve. The Clintons’ trusted point person, Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, took the investigation away from the professionals in the National Transportation Safety Board and gave it to the amateurs of the FBI. There was one reason why. The FBI reported to Gorelick. The NTSB did not.

This was illegal, of course, but the media had a president to re-elect soon enough, and they were not about to scruple over details. The second part of the strategy was as simple as the first. The FBI would talk only to The New York Times. This essentially made the Times Gorelick’s Ministry of Truth.

Of the 270 eyewitnesses who told the FBI they saw what looked like a missile strike on TWA Flight 800, the Times would interview exactly none. Fearing perhaps the loss of their privileged status and trusting the FBI more than they should have, the Times people followed the FBI lead. The other media, some grudgingly, followed the Times.

Four weeks after the disaster, the Times would report, “Now that investigators say they think the center fuel tank did not explode, they say the only good explanations remaining are that a bomb or a missile brought down the plane.” Likely under White House pressure, and without any new evidence, the FBI immediately shifted its storyline away from a missile to a bomb, and a month later, from a bomb to a center fuel tank explosion.

As each week passed, the Clintons had to be stunned that so obvious a truth remained so thoroughly ignored. To sustain the lie, however, insiders had to tell more lies still.

The FBI would fabricate a second interview with Witness No. 73 that never took place. The CIA — the CIA? — would fabricate a second interview with Mike Wire that also never took place. NTSB insiders would lie outright about what Joseph Delgado saw, but the election came and went without anyone even knowing who these people were.

Read the full piece at American Thinker.


“The Conservatives” Movie Trailer

The hits just keep on coming today as I discovered this new film from Young America’s Foundation that fights back against class warfare rhetoric and features some of the brightest minds in the conservative movement. Please watch the trailer, share with everyone you know and order the DVD at The Conservatives Movie.com.

Movie Trailer: Levin, Malkin Deliver Answer to Obama’s Class Warfare Rhetoric

Mark Levin in New Movie Trailer: Academic “Propaganda” is “Wrong. Dead Wrong”

By Ron Meyer, Young America’s Foundation Spokesman

America’s universities and schools are the training grounds for class warfare.

Where do you think President Obama and his administration’s economic advisors developed their redistributionist ideology and “fairness” rhetoric? It’s no coincidence most of them have spent their carrier in higher education. The President’s tax-hiking policies–and any public support they receive–originate from Leftist professors who preach collectivism over individual liberty.

Last week, the president said, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Conservatives will not sit on the sidelines as higher education and the Obama administration attempts to keep passing along their collectivist agenda to our nation’s youth.

Young America’s Foundation, along with the award-winning director Stephen K. Bannon, will be releasing a new film titled The Conservatives to present a positive alternative to campus leftism. Today, Young America’s Foundation launched the trailer for the movie.

Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Monica Crowley, Ph.D., Dr. Walter Williams, Stephen Moore, and Peter Schweizer—some of the brightest stars in the Conservative Movement—appear in the movie to offer an inspiring “call to action” for young conservative leaders.

Mark Levin begins the trailer by firing a warning-shot right at higher education: “Everything I was hearing [in college] was wrong. Dead wrong.” Later in the trailer, Levin says conservatives can prevail over these progressive professors and convince their peers by making a moral case for free enterprise: “It is the only system that creates wealth for the most people. No other system can. No other system will.”

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley adds, “The free market is the only thing that allows the individual to be who he or she wants to be.”

Read more at Fox News.