Great New Romney Ad: “These Hands”

Every day I am more impressed with the Romney camp’s rapid response ads. This one is based on Obama’s “You didn’t Build That” speech and juxtaposed with Romney’s excellent pro-freedom speech in Pennsylvania. It also features actual American business owners with a clear message for President Obama: “You’re killing us!” Please watch and share.


Via Breitbart, Mark Levin says “If Romney Keeps Hitting Back For Four More Months We Should Be OK”

Commentary’s John Podhoretz: “Romney Should Send Obama a Fruit Basket

Via The PJ Tatler, here’s Bill Whittle’s take:


Recommended Reading: The Harbinger

A Facebook friend recommended this book to me today, which I plan to purchase and read as soon as I can. If nothing else, The Harbinger looks like an entertaining and intriguing read but I’ll reserve judgment until I actually do that. In the meantime, check out this video with author Rabbi Cahn:

Read some reviews at where it has garnered a 5-star rating.