CRF Radio, Saturday July 21 – UPDATED

I’ll be solo-hosting once again while Steve tends to some important non-CRF-related matters. Although I’ve been actively seeking two guests for tomorrow night, it appears more and more likely that it’ll just be me ranting for 90 minutes and of course, taking your calls. Good thing there’s plenty to rant about this week, including:

Bill O’Reilly’s Dishonest Interview About Sarah Palin

My Dislike of Chris Christie for Many Valid Policy and Personality Reasons

GOP Crapweasels Throwing Rep. Michele Bachmann Under the Bus for Daring to Question Muslim Brotherhood

The Unwarranted and Outrageous 25-Year Sentence Handed Down to U.S. Soldier Michael Behenna for Shooting Al-Qaeda

Yep…that last one makes me want to pull my hair out, especially in light of the GOP eunuchs in D.C. chastising Michelle Bachmann for simply asking questions. Isn’t the purpose of war to kill the enemy? It is simply mind-boggling that we allow Gitmo prisoners to go free so they can go out and kill again, but sentence a member of the US military to 25 years in prison for the “crime” of doing his job, which used to be destroying the enemy. Or are we supposed to just slap their wrists now in these perilous PC times we’re living in?

Anyway, if you want to vent, talk, chat or just listen in, please join me tomorrow at 6 p.m Eastern for CRF Radio!

UPDATE: Very excited to announce that my good friend, writer, author, journalist, conservative, comic book writer and avid Batman fan Don Smith will be guest co-hosting with me tonight!

And of course in light of the horrific shooting in Aurora Colorado, Don and I will discuss this brutal crime along with the Obama-drooling media and their breathless rush to judgment to pin it on a Tea Party activist in Colorado named James Michael Holmes, and the Tea Party movement in general. Should ABC’s Brian Ross be fired for his reckless reporting? Are you boycotting ABC’s sponsors? Call in and tell us what you think!


Bill O’Reilly’s Dishonest Interview About Sarah Palin

I haven’t watched Bill O in years. It started when Geraldo Rivera said some despicable things about Michelle Malkin because of her rightful stance against illegal immigration (when Bill accepted Rivera’s lame non-apology to Malkin on the air) and culminated with his dissing of the Tea Party in 2010 during a Talking Points Memo monologue.

Any latent interest in ever watching his show again was squelched after he devoted an entire segment to trashing Sarah Palin for allegedly not answering his questions when in reality he wouldn’t let her finish. Bill got annoyed at Palin for having the guts to nicely put him in his place so she could — you know — actually speak and put forth her opinion in an interview on his show. So naturally his bruised ego compelled him to elaborate on the incident a few days later with Chris Wallace.

Listen to Mark Levin’s excellent take-down of the “8 pm-er” here:

Never mind that the reason hosts invite guests onto their programs is to give them an opportunity to speak, at least in theory. I get the “No Spin Zone” schtick, but for Bill that apparently means denying the guest the courtesy of fully completing an answer before rebutting or agreeing.

Anyway, it’s not surprising that Bill couldn’t wait to devote a segment tonight to the GOP’s alleged snub of Palin at the RNC, which I’ve already noted would be a HUGE mistake, if true. And once again, he was completely dishonest in accusing Palin of “trashing” Romney. Yes, she like many other conservatives supported another candidate. And in interviews when prompted, she offered her suggestions as to how Romney could connect with the base of the party.

But “trash” him? She most certainly did not.

What makes this so ironic is that Mitt Romney’s surrogates have been trashing Palin for years. I wrote about one, Jennifer Millerwise Dyck back in 2009 in a piece for Canada Free Press:

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, guest host Monica Crowley interviewed a “GOP strategist” named Jennifer Millerwise Dyck about the repulsive Vanity Fair hit-job on Governor Palin. Normally an excellent challenger, Crowley unfortunately dropped the ball when Millerwise Dyck claimed that Governor Palin should stop engaging in “wars of words” with David Letterman and instead focus on energy issues and the business of her state. Ms. Millerwise Dyck is flat-out wrong on so many levels, it is hard to know where to start.

I suppose the fact that Governor Palin’s natural gas pipeline victory, “an historic achievement” to quote Palin directly, is of no consequence to out-of-touch Beltway types, nor is her recent visit to Kosovo and address to Camp Bondsteel soldiers an example of credible leadership and foreign diplomacy. During the interview last night, I waited for Crowley to rebut Millerwise Dyck with both of these examples, but unfortunately she chose not to do so.

Then there’s the matter of Palin’s Runner’s World magazine interview, which seems to have ticked off more than one alleged conservative female, at least on Facebook. One would think the Governor of Alaska had posed on a beach in a string bikini, or in a centerfold in Playboy the way some of these females are carrying on. Of course, these women do so under the guise of concern for Palin’s “credibility” in the media.

Oh really? Gee, I’d thought the media had already lost whatever remaining shred of credibility it had left after Washington Post reporter Eli Zaslow rhapsodized over Obama’s glistening pectoral muscles:

“The sun glistened off chiseled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games.”

Most recently, as reported by Conservatives4Palin, Romney hired noted Palin-basher Kevin Madden:

Keep in mind that this was FIVE months before Governor Palin made her final decision not to seek the presidency. Governor Palin was still in the process of contemplating a run at that point. To suggest that she was using the presidential election to boost her profile, is to not understand how large her profile is. Madden was obviously trying to “poison the well” by suggesting to Republican voters that her motives for mulling a White House bid were insincere. It was an underhanded thing to do.
So, what are the odds that many of the “anonymous” attacks against Governor Palin from team Romney, actually came directly from Kevin Madden? If you look at his history of on-air statements, and his reputation, it’s not a very far-fetched notion.
The Romney campaign is trying to give off the appearance that they are getting their camp in order to settle the stomachs of GOP donors. Perhaps elevating an individual, who is known to many base Conservatives an an under-handed, trash-talking opportunist, isn’t the best way to go about that. In fact, you might consider that a “politically dumb” move.

But neither O’Reilly nor either of his guests tonight, one of whom was the wonderful conservative actress/author/blogger/radio host Janine Turner bothered to mention the Romney surrogates’ harsh treatment of Palin, perpetuating the false notion that supporting another candidate in a primary and pointing out Mitt Romney’s political weaknesses when prompted in interviews are tantamount to “trashing” him. To her credit, Janine did strongly recommend that Palin have a prominent role at the RNC for the sake of unity and “putting all the puzzle pieces together” — a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree. Come to think of it, it’s a miracle Janine managed to get a word in edgewise as Bill immediately cut her off from the moment she began to respond to his first question.

However, it would have been nice if the interview had truly been “fair and balanced”. Will post video when I locate it.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Elizabeth Hawkes for posting the video in Youth For Palin on Facebook!

UPDATE 2: Picked up by Conservatives4Palin. Thanks!!!