Cruz Ahead By Double-Digits in PPP Poll

Wonder if ol’ Blowhard Bill will mention this PPP poll tonight when he inevitably covers Dick Cheney’s insulting and false comments about Governor Sarah Palin in his interview with ABC (emphasis mine):

Cruz is ahead by a whooping 75-22 margin with Tea Party voters, more than making up for a 56-39 deficit to Dewhurst with voters who don’t consider themselves members of that movement. There has been too much of a tendency to ascribe any Republican primary upset over the last few years to Tea Party voters, but this is one case where it’s well justified.

Cruz has a 63-33 advantage with voters who describe themselves as ‘very excited’ about voting in Tuesday’s runoff election. He also has a 49-45 advantage with those describing themselves as ‘somewhat excited.’ The only reason this race is even remotely competitive is Dewhurst’s 59-31 lead with voter who say they’re ‘not that excited’ about voting. It’s an open question whether those folks will really show up and if they don’t it’s possible Cruz could end up winning by closer t0 20 points.

The greater excitement among Cruz voters can also be measured by their eagerness to get out and cast their ballots during the early voting period. Cruz leads 55-40 among those who say they’ve already voted, so Dewhurst will likely need a huge advantage among election day voters to overcome the deficit. But Cruz has a 49-44 lead with those who have yet to vote too.

Cruz’s likely victory Tuesday is also indicative of a generational gap within the Texas Republican ranks. Dewhurst leads handily with seniors, 56-39. But he’s getting destroyed with younger voters, trailing 60-33 with those between 18 and 45 and 59-35 with those in the 46-65 age range.

Finally this is a story of surrogates and quite possibly a deep repudiation of Rick Perry. By a 31/24 margin voters say they’re more likely to vote for a candidate backed by Sarah Palin, who gave her support to Cruz. Only 16% of voters though say they’re more likely to support a candidate endorsed by Perry, as Dewhurst was, to 35% who consider it a negative. That’s indicative of Perry’s diminished political standing in Texas after his failed Presidential bid, and if Cruz really does end up winning big on Tuesday it raises questions about whether he would be able to survive a strong Republican primary challenge in 2014. In April we found him leading AG Greg Abbott 50-34 in a hypothetical GOP contest, weak numbers for someone who’s been Governor for over a decade.

Via Motivation Truth, here’s video of Palin firing up the crowd the other day at a rally for Cruz:

Oh and it appears Liz Cheney respectfully disagrees with her father about Palin saying “she’s more qualified than Obama and Biden:

Cheney has been very supportive of Palin since her 2008 nomination, and tweeted her dissent with her father earlier today, arguing that Palin is more qualified than the current president and vice president.

What will Bill O., Dick Cheney and the GOP establishment do if Cruz sails to victory on Tuesday? No doubt continue to deny reality and insist that Palin is “irrelevant”. “Sudden, relentless reform” isn’t on their agenda, after all.

UPDATE: From John Nolte at Big Government

Moreover, during the 2008 campaign, it was Palin who almost always had the guts and the correct instincts. Unlike McCain, she was the one who bristled at the idea of constantly caving to media narratives and the one who wanted to vet Barack Obama’s shady and corrupt past. It was always McCain and the rest of the GOP who thought he could win by appeasing the corrupt media — it was always McCain who strapped on his “honor” and blindly leapt on to every grenade thrown at him, instead of throwing it back.

We all know who lost that election and we all know what the consequences have been.

By the way, no one should be in the least surprised it would be Liz Cheney who would come out publicly to “disagree” with her own father. Because in the GOP today, it’s the women who have the most grit and courage — and this most certainly includes Governor Palin.

For four years now we’ve all watched as the collective left in the media and Hollywood have done everything in their power to destroy Sarah Palin and her family. And all the while, too many of the so-called men in our Republican party have done nothing to defend her or have selfishly aggrandized themselves by joining in.

Andrew Breitbart famously described those in the Republican Party guilty of this unforgivable lack of chivalry as “eunuchs,” which is exactly right. There’s no question that Sarah Palin is more than capable of defending herself, but a man who doesn’t instinctively attempt to defend a woman and her family under a blisteringly unfair attack is lacking in honor.

A man who unnecessarily piles on is simply embarrassing himself.

UPDATE: Via Twitchy, right on cue, the left attacks Liz Cheney in their typical repugnant manner for defending Palin’s record.


From The Campaign To Defeat Obama: ‘Palin Is Qualified’

Just received this in my inbox from Ryan Gill at The Campaign to Defeat Obama:

CONTACT: Ryan Gill at or (650) 678-7732

Palin’s Qualifications to Serve in White House Should Not Be Questioned

Lloyd Marcus, the Chairman of leading conservative group Campaign to Defeat Obama PAC released the following statement today in response to an ABC news report that former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized Sarah Palin’s qualifications to serve in the White House:

“To suggest that Sarah Palin does not possess the necessary qualifications to serve in the White House is ridiculous on its face. Ever since she was selected in 2008 by the Republican party’s nominee for president, then ratified by the GOP membership at the Republican Party convention, she has proven time and time again to be an extremely capable, inspiring and visionary leader.

“Palin has proven her mettle in the years since 2008. She has become one of the most prominent and vocal leaders of the tea party movement, and her campaign efforts have single-handedly influenced the outcome of countless senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial elections because the American people believe in her leadership skills and trust her judgment.
They know that she knows a great leader when she sees one because she herself is a great leader.

“Contrast that with the disastrous record Barack Obama has compiled since 2008. Obama has failed the people of this nation and brought harm to our economy, national defense and the American spirit.

Campaign to Defeat Obama Vice Chair Andrea Shea King concluded:

“Sarah Palin will never be the safe choice of the GOP establishment blue bloods.
“In bucking the ‘good old boys’ throughout her entire career and proving that she could rack up accomplishments and make big differences — as both an executive in office and a citizen activist and Tea Party leader — she has proven she is more valuable than the whole lot of them.
“Sarah Palin’s record and leadership abilities speak for themselves and anybody would do better to emulate them than to marginalize themselves by taking swipes at her.”

“ The Left and their allies in the media will always try to personally malign conservatives for their own political purposes, but it is our responsibility to not only prevent ourselves from being sucked into these tricks and giving credence to these baseless attacks, but also to proactively fight back. This proud American conservative will not stand for these despicable sneering smears against Sarah Palin, and no conservative should.”