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Skinny jeans, here I come!

In my last post, I mentioned my next goal of fitting into my “skinny jeans.” As monumental a task as that seemed just a few short months ago, it pales in comparison to the inspiring people who’ve lost a minimum of 100 pounds — and as much as 300 pounds or more — by following the Isagenix program.

Think that’s a mountain too high? Frustrated because you can’t seem to shake a simple 30? Watch the video below and get motivated. Then contact me if you’d like to get started. Not only will you receive the highest quality, most effective products, but you will become part of our Get Fit Feel Fabulous team with Britt, where you’ll receive the support of our members, along with all the information and motivation you need to reach your goals. Remember, this is NOT simply about weight loss; it’s about nutrition for life. As the company’s tagline states, Isagenix is about “Solutions to Transform Lives.” Are you ready and willing to transform yours?

Summer’s coming. There’s no better time to get started!

Watch below, then CONTACT ME.


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Fitting Into the Dress and Other Milestones

Beautiful purchase from Charming Charlie's.

Have you ever purchased something “on sale,” even if it didn’t fit, just because you liked it and the price was right? I’ve been known to do this on occasion but must admit, very rarely have I ever reached my ultimate goal of wearing whatever “steal” I just had to have in the moment.

Little did I know when I purchased this shimmery blue dress at Charming Charlie over my Christmas vacation in Philly that I’d actually — finally — break that bad habit, and you know, fit into it. When I returned to Florida, I figured I’d continue my daily Leslie workouts and low-carb lifestyle, though neither had been producing results because, unknown to me, my body still wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed. It would be another couple of weeks before I’d attend an informational meeting with Britt, followed by another five days to receive my products, which meant I didn’t actually start the program until February 6.

For my 30-day diary, click here.

After 30 days, in spite of losing 12 pounds and almost 15 inches, the dress still didn’t zip up — getting stuck just above my waist. Turned out, I’d gained much more weight across my upper back than I was willing to admit to myself prior to starting the program. Still, I soldiered on.

Then other day, having been well into my third month, I decided to give it another try — with great results!


Yay, it finally fits!

Now that I’ve broken the pattern of impulsively buying something “on sale” even if it’s too small, then failing to lose the weight and inches necessary to comfortably wear the article of clothing, I’m moving onto my next goal: fitting back into my “skinny jeans” (which I most likely haven’t worn since sometime in 2002):

Skinny jeans, here I come!

Skinny jeans, here I come!

For me, setting goals of comfortably wearing beloved articles of clothing is much more meaningful and effective than obsessing over the number on the scale (though I do take my measurements monthly). If your body looks fantastic and in fact, is healthy at 130 pounds, why try to force yourself to weigh 110 just because some chart tells you that’s what you’re supposed to weigh at your height?

It makes absolutely no sense and is probably one of the reasons why so many people simply give up when it comes to achieving their health and weight loss goals. We’re not robots; we’re individuals. And based on our unique physiological make-ups, there is no definitive number that applies to all based on height alone. For more on this, listen to the podcast, Resolution Recharge with nutritionist Sara Richter.

In the meantime, if you are ready to take charge of your health, give your body the nutrition it needs to function properly, experience better health and increased energy, age with vitality, and yes — lose weight if that’s also your desired goal, CONTACT ME to get started.






Resolution Recharge with Nutritionist Sara Richter


One of the many things I love about Isagenix is the way they keep things real. Contrary to some misperceptions out there, this is NOT a crash diet, nor is it a vehicle to “jump-start” your diet. In fact, it’s not a diet at all but nutrition for life. These high quality products are designed to provide the body with the nutrients it can no longer ingest from our food due to a variety of factors: nutritionally deficient soil, cows injected with artificial hormones, pesticides, etc.

They are designed for long-term usage, to be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle with benefits that go far beyond weight loss to include healthy aging, increased energy, better muscle tone and an overall feeling of well-being. At the same time, the folks at Isagenix understand we’re all human: even the best intentioned and most disciplined person in the world is still going to enjoy an occasional slice or cake, or a piece of candy, or a glass of wine — especially when celebrating a special event or taking a vacation.

Listen this podcast in which nutritionist Sara Richter discusses why you might want to consider ditching the scale and abstaining from self-guilt if you indulge in an occasional sweet.

One of the secrets to my success is that I only weigh myself about once per month, preferring instead to take measurements and notice the way my clothes are fitting. Everything is loosening up, including the workout shorts I am wearing right now, which used to be almost painfully tight. Just a little while ago, someone remarked about how much weight I am losing as evidenced by my face. Hearing that kind of feedback is nourishment for body and soul and keeps me motivated to go the distance.

Funny thing is, while I agree that we must keep living (which includes the enjoyment of what we typically think of as “forbidden” foods), I don’t even have a desire for sugar or sweets since starting the program. However, it’s nice to know that when the day comes that I do indulge, I can get right back on track with a Cleanse or All-Shake Day.

Are you ready to experience Isagenix and join our team of fit, fabulous people? Contact me here.

A big THANK YOU to my friend and fellow Isagenix Associate Diane Student for sharing the podcast!



The Amazing Abigail Rich

Abigail Rich, Model, Actress & Playboy Bunny (3)

What a lovely email to wake up to today:

Ms. DiGiovanni;

I wanted to contact you and let you know how much I enjoyed your interview with Ms. Rich. I have been in the Hollywood lifestyle and employment for more years than I would like to admit and even before that as a child I got to hang around the sets with my Dad, who also was a stuntman. I was born 3 years after the beautiful Ms. Marilyn ¬†Monroe passed. My father had worked with Ms Monroe on alot of her films and has always talked about her. I too in listening to my father was intrigued. After listening to your interview with Ms. Rich, and having the opportunity to work with her on a few films I was amazed to how much she resembles Ms. Monroe. her beauty, grace style was so Old school glamour she had such a way to just draw you in, she has no ego, no diva just a normal (Glamourous) woman. I heard her story on your show and a few others, checked her out on IMDB and was amazed on how parallel these two women lives were, as Ms. Monroe was also brought up in Foster care. My father who is now in a nursing home heard Ms. Rich’s story as well, looked at Ms. Monroes photos next to Ms. Rich and thought they were sisters. During the shooting of Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, I asked Miss Rich if it was possible for her to someday drop ¬†in on my father and just visit, He has such a place in his heart for Hollywoods old school glamour, she said sure, and went about her work on the set. Last week, Ms. Rich dropped in t the nursing home in west Los Angeles and spent 5 hours visiting with my father. He cried when she left, but she promised to visit him again, My Father thought it was Ms. Monroe, whom he knew personally. Ms. Rich is such a very sweet and wonderful woman I had to let you know. Anyway I would love to hear more of her on your show, and THANK YOU for sharing her with us. You made an old man very happy.


If you missed my Love Liberty & Lip Gloss interview with Glamour Model Abigail Rich, click to listen.

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Engaging April Fools Day

In a relationship with B.J. Quinlan.

In a relationship with B.J. Quinlan.

Yesterday I participated in a Facebook April Fools Day prank inspired by B.J. Quinlan, a man with whom I am now sharing a wonderful relationship. Although we’ve known each other for two years, it was only recently that things became romantic — mostly because of me. Although I’d acknowledged his interest in me a long time ago, for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with him, I hadn’t been ready to explore the possibilities.

Previously on Facebook (and everywhere else online), I’d kept my personal relationship status to myself. Even after it was apparent that B.J. and I had serious potential, I preferred to keep our budding relationship to myself (at least on the internet) for a while.

That is, until he approached me with an idea to have a little fun with an April Fools prank: announce our engagement on Facebook. At first I hesitated because I did not want to hurt my family and friends who are incredibly encouraging but finally — on the condition that I alert my mother ahead of time — I decided to go for it. Real friends and family would understand and get the joke.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the amazing outpouring of sincere joy and congratulations during the hours people actually believed we were officially engaged. Most got a big chuckle out of our joke and understood that we used April Fools as a vehicle to announce our relationship. Many thanks to all who commented and messaged me — your interest means more than I could ever adequately express.

And for the first time in my nearly seven years on Facebook, I have a public status that states: “In a relationship.”

Very exciting!


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