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Thank You John Ricciutti and Radnor Studio 21

Once again, John Ricciutti and Radnor Studio 21 gave me an opportunity to discuss Writestream Publishing, ghostwriting, self-publishing, and some of our books on John Ricciutti Presents. In Part One, we talked about Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, To Guard My Every Neighbor, and Moments of Choice: My Path to Leadership.

In Part Two, we focused on the indie publishing industry and what to look for when deciding on a company to hire.

I’m thankful to John for his support. Visit his website to discover more interviews and features.


America’s Simple Solutions with Author Mark Werts – UPDATED

I’m excited to welcome Mark Werts, author of the book, America’s Simple Solutions, to Writestream Radio on Tuesday, September 27 at 1 PM Eastern. If you’re sick of politics, but interested in commonsense solutions to our country’s problems, be sure to tune in and call in with your questions and comments at (347) 945-7246:

wt_ass_mark_wertsIn America’s Simple Solutions, author Mark Werts tackles education, healthcare, immigration, taxes, gun control, the environment, gender, equality, and many other issues, and offers Americans simple solutions free of partisan bias, based on how these challenges are handled around the world. Having lived, worked, and traveled across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Werts has observed how people in other countries have approached the same dilemmas that we face in the United States. “I have come to understand what is practical and works. I have also seen what is impractical and doesn’t work. In our global world, why would America pursue an idea that has been proven again and again not to work in other places?” he writes. Werts also reflects on the views of our country’s Founding Fathers, and suggests that we have forgotten much of their considerable wisdom.

Throughout, Werts emphasizes the importance of expanded freedom, especially for entrepreneurs and business. He also stresses the critical roles played by education and political participation.  “A good, solid education for all of our citizens is the ultimate answer to our many challenges . . . and to get the best teachers, we must offer the best salaries,” he says.  And he laments low voter turnout, urging all eligible Americans not only to vote, but to get involved in local boards and commissions.

With freedom, education, and voting as an underlying theme, Werts believes that we are at a monumental juncture, and that the future of our individual freedom is at stake. In reading, America’s Simple Solutions will empower people to get involved, and make the choices that will fuel both growth and freedom.

To listen to the live show, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday: America’s Simple Solutions with Author Mark Werts on September 27 at 1 PM Eastern.

About the Author:

Mark Werts was born and raised in Hollywood, California, the third of six children in a large Catholic family. His father, C. Francis, was a family doctor who treated many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and who delivered more than two thousand babies. His mother, Virginia, was a schoolteacher. Mark is a graduate of Loyola High School in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, the University of California-Berkeley, and the Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management (now part of Arizona State University).

wt_markwerts2He began his professional career working for Price Waterhouse, and with his ear for languages, he soon found himself running the company’s offices in Geneva, Switzerland, and later Madrid, Spain. While in Spain, one of his clients, an influential jeans maker, introduced Mark to the world of fashion. A short time later, Mark trekked his way to Holland, where he founded his first vintage clothing store, Salty Dog, by begging, borrowing, and mortgaging his life insurance policy for the initial $21,000 investment. He soon had ten locations throughout the Netherlands, then two more stores in France.

While in Europe, Mark married and had two children, Julian and Zoey. But, after the relationship soured and his American wife took the kids and returned to the states, Mark married a Dutch woman, closed his shops, and also moved to the United States, to be closer to his children.

Mark launched his signature store, American Rag, in the Bay Area of California in 1984. Despite appearances, denim was never intended to be the store’s focus. He started out selling vintage clothing, as well as Paul Smith and several other good labels. As business grew, so did the Werts household. His third child, Mark Oliver (who now works as a vice president at American Rag), was born in 1985, and that same year Mark found himself looking for a new location. Circling back to his roots in Los Angeles, he discovered an oversized warehouse on La Brea Boulevard — miles from the hip fashion avenues of Beverly Hills and Sunset Plaza — and set out to re-invent California retailing without actually knowing he was doing so. Since then, American Rag has grown to several locations, does a brisk online business, and has in-store partnerships with Macy’s, Orta, Sazaby League and Levi Strauss, as well as a strong presence in many foreign countries.

Today Mark is married to fashion designer Amanda Shi, and has young twins, Chloe and Ignatius. He is also a mentor to new generations of would-be merchants. To that end, he can often be found strolling the campus at the University of Southern California where he is on the Board of Counselors. He often lectures there, and teaches a pilot class where he has made opening a store into an assignment.

Looking forward to “seeing” you on Tuesday!

UPDATE: What an informative, enjoyable interview. Mark shared his commonsense solutions for everything from taxes to term limits. If you missed it live, click to listen.


New Program, ‘Partners in Crime’ Debuts on Writestream Radio



We’ve added a new program to our Writestream Radio line-up: Partners in Crime, co-hosted Kimberly McGath and Sue Coletta!


Do you love true crime stories? Crime fiction? Are you an author of a crime fiction novel with murder in your plot? You’ll definitely want to tune in to Partners in Crime on the Writestream Radio Network, the third Tuesday of every month. During the first hour, Kimberly and Sue will discuss true crime; in the second hour, they’ll talk about crime fiction. They’ll even answer writers’ questions, just like they do on their Twitter chat, #ACrimeChat. You can participate in #ACrimeChat on Twitter every other Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern.

Award-winning crime fiction author Sue Coletta.

Award-winning crime fiction author Sue Coletta.

Partners in Crime debuts on Writestream Radio Network on Tuesday, October 18 at 1 PM Eastern. Stay tuned for details.

Listeners of my show will recognize Kimberly’s name from her two appearances. On September 20, she joined me to discuss her latest book, Let Them See.  On April 19, we talked about Zodiac: Settling the Score. When I decided to seek out guest hosts to add some diversity of topics to the network, I naturally thought of Kimberly. We didn’t have a show show dedicated to true crime and crime fiction; therefore I wanted to correct that ASAP. With her engaging personality, and extensive experience and knowledge, Kimberly was the obvious choice. I’m delighted that with the addition of Partners in Crime, not only do we get Kimberly as a host, but also the acclaimed author Sue Coletta. We’re excited about serving a new audience and expanding our listener base.


Aside from talking crime and sharing tips for crime authors, this dynamic duo will even throw in a crime puzzle or two. Be the first to call in with the correct answer and win a prize. As always, the call-in number is (347) 945-7246 and the chat room will be open for your participation.

In the meantime, visit and for more information about these multi-talented ladies. I’m thrilled to welcome them to the Writestream family and look forward to listening to their show on the third Tuesday of the month!


Writestream Publishing Announces Exciting Affiliation with Book Launch Expert Michelle Kulp!

Lisa Tarves and I are thrilled to formally announce our affiliation with Michelle Kulp in a press release published by

Writestream Publishing and Michelle Kulp, International Book Launch Expert, will bring together their publishing expertise, experience and skills to give authors who want to self-publish, a publishing home that will help authors publish a high quality book and gain additional exposure as an Amazon Bestselling author in order to connect with a wider audience.

The combination brings together publishing and promotion to benefit the author

Annapolis, MD, USA – WEBWIRE – Sunday, September 11, 2016

Become a Bestselling Author!

Become a Bestselling Author!

I had spoken to a few other people regarding bestseller programs prior to talking to Michelle Kulp. The minute we got on the phone together I knew I wanted to work with her. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in understanding the process and how to use the bestseller credential to further your initial goals. Not only do you get the credential, you get her experience to help you scale your business WITH that credential as well. -Adley Stump, #1 Bestselling Author & Musician

Writestream Publishing and Book Launch Expert, Michelle Kulp, are proud to have created a new way for clients to publish their books, where they retain all of the rights to their work without sacrificing the quality. There is a massive movement toward independent self-publishing that is happening throughout the world and Writestream Publishing and Michelle Kulp offer unique packages that combine book publishing and book promotion.

Writestream Publishing, a women-owned independent publishing company, believes everyone has a valuable story to share with the world. The business launched on June 1, 2015 with the mission of making the writing, editing, independent publishing, and social media marketing process effective and affordable.

Michelle Kulp, owner of Become a 6-Figure Woman started herAmazon Bestseller Program in January, 2013, and since then has launched over 4 dozen books to the Amazon Bestsellers lists for her clients.  The Amazon Bestseller Program is a done-for-you program with guaranteed results. Her clients have used their bestselling books to get licensing deals, speaking engagements, sell high end consulting and coaching programs, get featured on sites like Huffington Post, as well as elevate their credibility, build their email list, obtain joint venture deals, get on top podcasts and radio shows, and increase their income.

One of Michelle Kulp’s clients says:

“Michelle Kulp’s Best-Seller Author program is a life changer! Michelle is simply phenomenal.  When I contacted Michelle I was lost and frustrated with the process of publishing my book. Michelle’s process was so simple and easy to follow and she was there every step of the way. Since I became a Best Selling Author so many doors of opportunity have opened up for me some of which include:

• Becoming a Huffington Post contributor;
• Being interviewed on the hit podcast show, Entrepreneur on Fire, with John Lee Dumas;
• Being on the top 5 business podcasts on iTunes with more than a million monthly listeners;
• Growing my email list;
• Signing up new high end coaching clients;
• Being recruited to host radio show
• Invited to the Forbes Coaches Council

I can truly say without Michelle’s help I would not be where I am today. My life, brand and business has transformed since working with Michelle!”

-Andreas Jones, Founder of Combat Business Coaching, #1 Bestselling author, Leadership Strategist, Marketing Strategist, Business Advisor, contributor at The Huffington Post and army combat veteran.

The owners of Writestream Publishing, Daria Anne DiGiovanni and Lisa Tarves are excited about the opportunity to provide these additional book promotion services while still honoring our original intent of offering the best value possible in the independent publishing industry.

The two founded Writestream Radio Network in March of 2013 for the purpose of helping authors gain additional exposure and connect with a wider audience. Writestream Radio will continue to play an important role in the company’s promotional efforts on behalf of their clients.

Many authors have benefited from their interviews on the Writestream Radio Network and have nothing but praise for Lisa and Daria’s efforts:

“It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak and share my story about my novel, Leon [Anonymous]. Since my interview I have been contacted by producers here in Hollywood and in Europe to share my work and to come aboard on existing projects in development. My book is already being considered for the optioning of its film rights by a company here in Hollywood,”  says Adrian Robert Abarca.

If you’d like to speak with Michelle Kulp about your book, you can schedule a book strategy session with her at Bestselling Author Program.

Contact us today at Writestream to set up your no-obligation phone consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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