Never Forget

Has it really been 11 years since the worst attack on American soil? Hard to fathom and yet even more disheartening that so many have either forgotten or relegated this horrific event to the past, without regard to its significance and implications for the future of our national security.

Since I want to honor all of the heroes murdered on 9/11 on this anniversary, I will abstain from further political comment and simply link to others who are also honoring those lost on that day due to an evil act by a totalitarian ideology.

This past Saturday, Steve and I hosted our annual 9/11 Remembrance broadcast with guests Ellen Karis, Mike Baker and Major General Paul Vallely. Click below to listen:

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Talented actress/singer/songwriter Ava Aston has posted a lovely tribute at her site:

One thing that makes my heart happy out of all the loss and sorrow that happened on that terrible day, is the way we all came together as Americans. How as a Nation we all Stood as One. As a New Yorker it was overwhelming to see first responders, elected officials, and every day people stepping in and stepping up, just diving in to help without pause.

It is very hard to lose the ones we love, but love never ends, and love never forgets. I believe the ones we love are never really far away, they live on in each and every one of us. We carry them with us in our daily lives until we meet them again in heaven.

Visit Ava’s site to read the whole thing, where she’s also posted her video “I Carry You With Me”, a touching and heart-warming song about love, loss and life.

Speaking of talented patriots, here’s a beautiful 9/11 ballad from Lisa Mei Norton:

Never Forget:


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