My Twitter Captivity Continues UPDATE: Reinstated!

The other night, prior to participating in Sarah Palin’s excellent #sotUGottaBKiddingMe live-chat in reaction to the State of the Union speech, I’d mistakenly indulged in two different conversations with two lefties, who responded to my sarcastic yet truthful tweets in the #TellAFemnistThankYou hashtag. If I had the ability to access my twitter account right now, I’d post the actual tweets but they were something along the lines of:

#TellAFeministThankYou for vigorously defending Sarah Palin against misogynistic attacks. Oh wait…

#TellAFeministThankYou for forcing taxpayers to fund the murders of innocent human babies, including females.

#TellAFeministThankYou for what? Reducing women to the sum of their #ladyparts? Destroying courtship?

PalinMadisonIn response, an “oh-so-intellectual” woman from the UK tweeted that it was because Sarah Palin was “stupid” that she refused to defend her, which led me to reply and respond with a series of questions and facts about Palin’s achievements in the personal, professional and political arenas. In true lefty fashion, this woman did her very best to get me to admit that “Obama is the Devil” to which I replied with something along the lines of, he’s definitely a communist or at the very least a socialist, using his own words and actions to back up the accusation.

Unsurprisingly, this woman was impervious to reality. But I never once used obscene language, nor did I threaten her in any way. I am simply guilty of the crime of telling the truth and setting the record straight.

The same is true for my interactions with another lefty female, a proponent of unfettered abortion-on-demand, anytime, anywhere, funded by taxpayers. And once again, I supplied her with facts and resisted her attempts to paint me as a religious zealot, using Natural Law and providing examples of women who have been harmed and/or killed by abortion, most recently Jennifer Morbelli.

Sometime later, after participating in Sarah’s chat, I found I could no longer send out tweets, reply to tweets or retweet anything. When I checked my email, there was a message from twitter telling me my account was suspended, with a link to the page where I could reinstate it after checking off two boxes in which I promised to stop “abusing” other twitterers.

Although twitter now tells me my account is no longer suspended, I still cannot tweet, retweet or respond to tweets. Guess I am still in the gulag. Lesson learned: Stop trying to talk sense with people who run on pure emotion and are either “True Believers” or “Mindless Foot Soldiers” for the Left. Both accounts did have avatars and an active timeline with a good ratio of followers to following so I don’t believe they fall into the category of accounts that exist for the sole purpose of trapping conservatives. Instead, they’re probably just humorless, disgruntled lefties who cannot and will not tolerate dissent.

So here I am, on my second day of twitter gulag. If anyone can help me get reinstated faster, I would certainly appreciate it. From now on, I will just ignore these kinds of tweets and block the culprits immediately.

Thanks in advance to anyone who’s willing to help!

UPDATE: Just checked and looks as if my twitter account has been fully restored! Many, many thanks to everyone who helped, including Bob Belvedere from the excellent blog The Camp Of The Saints, Bernie Lutchman, who blogs at The Write Stuff, ConservativeDiva, Facebook friend Patrick Kelly and Resa LaRu Kirkland, more commonly known as WARCHICK. Thanks also to the #TGDN!!!


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