My New Ghostwriting Gig

My New Ghostwriting Gig

WritestreamI mentioned briefly on some of my social media sites that I am officially ghostwriting a book full-time for a wonderful client who is convinced I am the right person to bring his unique concept to life. We’d started the project over two years ago, but after a few chapters life got in the way — as it often does — and for personal and professional reasons, we had to put it on hold. So when he contacted me about two months ago, eager and enthusiastic about finishing what we’d started, I was thrilled. And I’ll admit, a little nervous.

But mostly thrilled.

It’s an honor to hear a client say things like, “You are the only person I trust to write this”, especially when he knows plenty of great writers who work in Hollywood. But due to the subject matter it was important to him that the person entrusted to write the story share the same values and outlook. Having met me a few years ago when a friend held a book-signing party following the publication of Water Signs, he felt I met all of his criteria.

This time around though we’re doing it the right way, meaning working in full-time collaboration. Obviously, there’s plenty of independent writing involved, but that will flow so much better after spending a session in which we hammer out the themes, action, characters and ideas for a particular chapter before I actually write it.

And when the time comes, I’ll be setting up and writing the blog, plus managing the social media accounts for the book.

Can’t divulge details, but just know that this book — if written and marketed properly — will be a huge hit. And I take that responsibility very seriously, which is why I’m both excited and terrified.

Looks like I’ll be using the #ghostwriting and #amwriting hashtags on twitter quite often, in addition to resurrecting #writestream!

Have you ghostwritten previously? If you have any suggestions or would like to share your experiences/advice in the comments, please do!

Have a great Monday. 🙂


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