Mr. L on ‘Amnesty 2.0’

Mr. L on ‘Amnesty 2.0’

As I’ve noted many times, most Florida Tea Party activists supported Marco Rubio with many reservations in 2009, fully aware of his weaknesses in terms of illegal immigration and Agenda 21. So every single time I hear a well-known conservative pundit proclaim him a “Tea Party Rock Star” on national television or radio, I cringe. And although Agenda 21 is starting to gain recognition among conservatives now, there were a few of us back then who knew he was also a squish on so-called “private-public partnerhips” — code words for Agenda 21. In fact, Rubio refused to answer a question on the topic for the Martin County Tea Party, which does not bode well. Nor does his alignment with the ‘Bushies’, whom I really wish would just exit the political stage, or declare themselves Democrats. Or more specifically, progressives. That is who and what they are, after all.

But since our choices for Florida Senate in 2010 were Charlie Crist, Ken Meek or Marco Rubio — well, we understood that politics is about making the best possible choice in any given election, and thus voted accordingly. And now we’re not surprised that he’s one of the Gang of Eight pushing for amnesty.

As usual, Mr. L’s monologue is right on. Take a listen:


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