Lenten Meditation: Choose Life

Lenten Meditation: Choose Life

HearingGodFrom today’s meditation at The Word Among Us:

Choose life … (Deuteronomy 30:19)

The Israelites were just about to enter the Promised Land. Forty years of waiting and wandering had finally come to an end, and Moses was preparing the people for the next phase of their history: the time when God would bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey.

So standing before the Israelites, Moses issued them the most important challenge they would ever hear. Would they choose life by following Yahweh’s commands? Or would they choose death by following their own ways and the ways of the nations around them?

This challenge didn’t come out of nowhere. Moses had already spent much time reminding them of all the Lord had done. He reminded them how God had delivered them from Egypt and continued to offer them his protection. He spoke of how manna showed up every morning, and quail every evening. He told them that even their clothes did not wear out as they wandered in the desert. But now the time had come for the people to decide for themselves to live under God’s protection. The manna would stop, and so would the quail. God’s miraculous provision would end so that they could choose the way of life, the way of faithful obedience.

Today the Lord stands before us and offers us the same call and promise. He is asking us to choose life, not death. He is asking us to follow his commands and share his love with one another. And he is promising that if we do, he will be with us to strengthen us and lift us into his presence.

Our God has already performed so many miracles for us: he has risen from the dead; he has opened heaven to us; he has filled us with his Holy Spirit; he has given us every gift and blessing we need for our everyday lives.

Now the choice is ours. Will we choose life and live in his presence and know his love? Or will we choose death and live a life of isolation and loneliness?

“Father, you are the author of life. I choose to follow you and heed your voice. Thank you for calling me and filling me with your infinite love.”

JesusHandWhat a perfect meditation not only for the second day of Lent but for Valentine’s Day! It’s a reminder of who the author of love is – God – who calls us again and again to choose life in the Spirit and to share that with everyone around us. These past four years especially have been extremely difficult for so many people with rampant unemployment; skyrocketing energy prices and insurance premiums; the steady rise in food prices; and the continuing escalation of violence around the world. Add to that a culture in decay that glorifies the absolute worst in human behavior, elevates celebrities to hero status over true heroes like Chris Kyle and leads people astray by calling good evil and evil good.

Kind of ironic that today’s meditation is about “choosing life” in an age in America where rampant, unfettered, taxpayer-funded abortion is touted as a “right”, and the evil actions of dirty, unethical abortion clinics and their medical personnel are routinely swept under the carpet by a complicit media, all in the name of “reproductive rights”. Not to mention their diabolical disinterest in the many women who suffer extreme emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual trauma as a result of having had one or more abortions.

As for the women whose lives, along with their innocent babies, are snuffed out by abortion?

The media and the so-called feminists prefer to turn a blind eye, lest the truth get in the way of their $542 million payout from the federal government, courtesy of taxpayers, regardless of how they feel about abortion.

Thankfully, new media journalists and news sources like Stacy McCain, LifeNews, Priests For Life and Live Action are doing the excellent, ground-breaking work an honest mainstream media ought to be doing. It’s up to good people everywhere to share these stories with everyone they know, to call attention to the evil within our midst.

UnbornBabyIn another post, I will discuss my disappointment with my fellow conservatives who think social issues like abortion and gay marriage are the reason we are losing elections. As if history hasn’t proven over and over again that when Republicans play the “me too” game, in trying to “out-Democrat” a Democrat, it typically results in the Democrat winning the election. More importantly though, as the film Agenda: Grinding America Down illustrates, economic prosperity is completely intertwined with morality. The American communists understood this well, which is why they set out to rip America away from any and all moral anchors, the better to make our culture “rot” and thus contribute to our financial downfall. If only today’s conservatives understood this too, they wouldn’t be so eager to “call a truce” on social issues.

Certainly in the case of abortion, there’s a pointed economic argument to be made: why on earth should taxpayers be forced to fund Planned Parenthood? Why is the government even involved, since the usual battle cry from the Left is “Get out of my uterus!” Unless of course, it’s to confiscate taxpayer money to fund the consequences of their personal choices, e.g. birth control and abortion. Isn’t there a conservative argument to be made here that everyone on the right can agree upon? Why isn’t anyone in elected office railing against the rampant hypocrisy of the Left, which is more than happy to accept government interference when it suits their agenda?

More on this in another post. In the meantime, wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with the love of family and friends.


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