Keeping the Holidays Healthy with Leslie Sansone

Keeping the Holidays Healthy with Leslie Sansone


As noted previously, I’ve been an avid fan of Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home program since I first discovered it in 2008. Since then, I’ve been regularly exercising with Leslie and her walkers although admittedly I haven’t always been consistent about it. That all changed recently, after my experience with pearls and swine motivated me to get back to basics for my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

So for the past six weeks I have been faithfully working out with my Walk At Home DVD and more specifically, the 4-mile walk although I occasionally alternate it with the 3-mile walk (which uses the stretchie band and provides the same amount of intensity). One day after suffering through a night of insomnia, I only had the energy for the 2-mile walk, which still offered an excellent workout in just 30 minutes — again using the stretchie band.

Regrettably, I didn’t take my measurements before beginning, which ironically may have contributed to my success thus far. I have always been the kind of person who’s more motivated by my clothes becoming looser than by numbers, whether noted on a measuring tape or on a scale but now that I am visibly noticing a reshaping taking place, I kind of wish I had. Other people are seeing a real difference too, and there’s nothing quite like someone you haven’t seen for a while exclaiming, “You lost weight!”

I firmly believe I am experiencing real results because I take the time to pop in the DVD and do the workout every single day, without exception. Even if it means getting up earlier than usual or fitting it in as part of a daily lunch break. As noted by the

Simply choosing a positive, healthy habit is the key.

When you make something a habit it becomes normal for you. You no longer live a life of denial, feeling miserable and low whilst constantly focusing on what you want to avoid.

Instead you focus on and act upon a healthy, positive behavior. One that replaces and supersedes the unhealthy actions so completely that they become a distant memory.

With her genuine, joyful and upbeat persona, Leslie Sansone has a way of drawing you in and making you want to exercise daily to her effective walking programs. Aside from the moves themselves which include lateral steps, knee lifts, kicks and arm raises, there’s something about Leslie’s smiling face and zest for life that’s addicting — in the best sense of the word. So while the increased muscle tone, loss of inches, and overall slimmer body are among the welcome tangible results, they are merely the physical rewards of exercise discipline. Just as importantly, thanks to Leslie, I am much more focused and optimistic.

Perhaps that’s due to the fact that she is an unapologetic Christian who infuses her workouts with a nod to the Divine. As Leslie noted in an interview with the 700 Club:

“I was never shy about keeping a spiritual theme in my classes,” says Leslie, who started teaching aerobics in the eighties in church basements after she discovered how incredible working out made her feel.

“It seems perfect to me that it all started in church basements,” says Leslie. “It was my calling after all; the best way for me to fulfill my Christian commitment to serve God by serving others.”

Leslie found the people who were looking for what she offered through church networks. What has developed is a whole community of people embracing a whole and healthy lifestyle.

No wonder I feel such an affinity for her! Judging by the testimonials on her site, I am definitely not alone. She’s an inspirational woman, not just for the highly effective programs she’s put together, but for her very public embrace of her Christian faith and desire to share it with others for their overall well-being. In a culture gone to excess it’s nice to know that people like Leslie can achieve notable success and still “cling” to their God. She is a stellar example for others to follow.

Here’s a summary of Leslie’s program Walking The Walk: Getting Fit With Faith, an item on my Christmas wish list this year.

Very thankful to have discovered Leslie and started my daily regimen with her Walk Away The Pounds DVD several weeks ahead of the Christmas Season. If you’re looking for a new way to stay fit, I cannot recommend Leslie Sansone’s programs — appropriate for all ages, ranging from the 20s to beyond the 70s — highly enough.


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