Just Say No to the Lesser of Two Evils

I would argue that this election is about choosing between the same evil ideology and agenda of control with a different face, personality, and sex, but nevertheless, this is an excellent article by Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review:

The real message of Cruz’s speech was that it is precisely this binary choice – the exclusive focus every four years on the choice between personalities instead of principles or party politics over a worthy, long-term agenda – that has gotten us to this point in the first place. It is a message that even affirmative Trump supporters who will enthusiastically vote for him in November, the ones that are truly committed to restoring our republic and actually shaking up the political oligarchy, should embrace.

Read the entire piece here.

I’ve mostly remained quiet throughout the entire spectacle of the 2016 Primary Election Season, but it has been exceedingly frustrating to watch fellow conservatives fall for an authoritarian with a tendency to narcissism and no clear commitment to the principles of limited government. On the contrary, his history of eminent  domain abuse,  significant financial donations to progressive politicians (including Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid when Sharron Angle challenged him for the U.S. Senate in 2010); notorious practice of forcing his small business contractors to sue him over money owed to them for projects; mockery of disabled people; and sexist remarks about women — along with a laundry list of other disturbing words and actions — should have disqualified him early on in the process in the minds of constitutional conservatives.

But inexplicably, none of his outrageous remarks, former actions in support of big government, or off-putting, self-directed personality bothered the grassroots, i.e. conservative primary voters. It certainly didn’t help that in a crowded field, the votes were diluted, helping to pave the way for this squandered opportunity.

Worse, some conservatives who formerly cheered on Ted Cruz’s bold stands for liberty, for example, his 21-hour filibuster of socialized medicine, jumped on Trump’s smear campaign of the best candidate we’ve had in decades. A good, decent, intelligent, principled leader who has taken on the establishment types conservatives supposedly despise. Isn’t it ironic that these same people are now applauding RINOs like Peter King and Chris Christie?

Remember when Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin supported such acts of courage? Good times.

Talk about a clarifying election season.

I, for one, only watched one event that took place at the RNC: Ted Cruz’s passionate defense of liberty speech. Trump’s egregious policy positions (such as they are) aside, did anyone expect Cruz to endorse a man who attacked his wife and slandered his father as someone who played a role in JFK’s assassination?

What happened to clear-thinking conservatives this election season?

It appears righteous anger at political elites turned into blind allegiance to an authoritarian who pretended to be an outsider, though many of us who did our homework tried and failed to inform them of the contrary. As a result, Donald Trump may have just pulled off the biggest con in political history. Call me a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist, but I’ve felt all along his whole campaign was nothing but a scheme to help his longtime friend Hillary Clinton become President.

Steve Deace lays out a good case here:

Watching Ted Cruz speak last night was only painful because it was a stark reminder of what could have been in 2016. Right here, right now…not in another four years (if the Republic manages to survive a Trump or Clinton presidency). I saw a patriot and a statesman who would have presented a clear-cut choice in November (not an echo, as Trump supporter Phyllis Schlafly once lamented), and fought to reverse the damage inflicted upon us by both parties, should voters have given him the chance.

It took tremendous courage for him to stand on principle last night in an environment  that can only be described as hostile — so much so that his wife Heidi had to be escorted away by security guards for her own safety. If this is considered “Making America Great Again,” count me out. I don’t even recognize some of the people with whom I used to fight side-by-side for liberty.  The effects of orange Kool-Aid are apparently long-lasting and irreversible. If “voting your conscience” is akin to treachery in the minds of the ill-informed, we’re doomed. God help us.


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