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CRFNewLogoLooks like it’s just us tonight, listeners. We have no guests lined up, which means Steve and I are free to rant — good thing, because I’ve got plenty to opine about this week, beginning with my time in the infamous twitter gulag. If we have time and if the listeners will  indulge me, I might also get a few things off my chest about the rampant anti-Catholic bigotry that has been on naked display ever since the Pope announced his resignation. And I’m not just talking about from those on the Left, though as usual, they take the prize for the most depraved. Both factions of the anti-Catholic crowd have one thing in common though: they don’t seem to know much about the church that is actually true, including the fact that if not for The Knights of Malta courageously waging a three-month battle with the Muslims who sought to conquer Europe, Christianity and Western Civilization might have died an untimely death back in 1565.

Judging from the twitter hashtags he’s been using to promote the show, Steve also wants to talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (gee, I wonder why? 😉 ), racism (no doubt prompted by the “congratulatory” tweets Herman Cain received from Lefties after his Fox News announcement, and Dr. Ben Carson’s twitter “welcome”) and my friend Resa’s favorite topic, political castration (perhaps a nod to the twitter gulag). Anyway, we hope you’ll tune in.

As always, your calls are welcome at (347) 637-1121 as is your participation in the live chat. Join us tonight at 6 p.m. Eastern for CRF Radio!


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