Hollywood Hypocrisy on Full Display at Golden Globes

Hollywood Hypocrisy on Full Display at Golden Globes


With a few notable exceptions, I rarely go to the movies, listen to the music of current singers, watch television or otherwise subject myself to the filth that is today’s American pop culture. And I absolutely detest award shows in which superficial, amoral America-bashing celebrities drool all over each other for their alleged “courage” and in many cases, marginal talent. So it’s not surprising I didn’t even know the Golden Globes were on last night until I stopped by one of my most frequently visited sites, Twitchy.com to discover this:

Non-shocker: ‘Brave Julianne Moore wins Golden Globe for Palin role, bashes Palin

Actress Julianne Moore won a Golden Globe award tonight for her portrayal of GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in “Game Change.” The movie’s director, Jay Roach, who also snagged a Golden Globe for best TV mini-series/movie, praised Moore for her courage. Because, you know, jumping on the anti-Palin bandwagon in Hollywood takes real guts.


What they lack in self-awareness, Hollywood progressives make up for in their utter contempt for all things traditionally American. That includes a woman whose resume features more real-world accomplishments than these shallow pretenders could ever hope to realize in a lifetime. If not for their significant influence over a large chunk of the electorate, I wouldn’t really give a damn what this depraved lot falsely believes and claims about Governor Sarah Palin.

Unfortunately, there are too many everyday Americans who view them as valid sources of information. It doesn’t matter that members of the McCain campaign and others completely debunked the Moore’s hit-piece on Palin — rife with lie after lie about the former governor, oil and gas commissioner, mayor, city councilwoman, business-owner, wife and mother of five.

After defending Palin on twitter, I got into an exchange with someone who clearly suffers from Palin Derangement Syndrome and is content to wallow in his ignorance. Because when I shared Breitbart.com’s Top 10 Lies of HBO’s ‘Game Change’, he condescendingly dismissed the source as “biased” and excoriated me to find another one. Even though the article contains links back to other sources like the Chicago Tribune and direct quotes from members of the McCain campaign in defense of Sarah Palin, her record, her conduct during the 2008 campaign and the vetting process by which she was chosen to run as VP.

But it’s not really about that. I could send this guy links to official Alaska government websites detailing things like ACES, AGIA and ethics reform (just to name a few of her accomplishments) and it would never be enough.

Nor would he care that economist Larry Kudlow is an ardent fan of Sarah Palin’s because of her supply-side economics, Reagan conservatism and knowledge of energy. It’s also a safe bet neither he nor most celebrity-worshipping Americans have even seen the following interview Kudlow conducted with Sarah Palin on the topic of energy:

Does any clear-thinking person actually believe Julianne Moore has the brainpower to compete with that?

If culture = politics, it is absolutely imperative that constitutionally-minded Americans learn how to infiltrate and influence pop culture in the same manner progressives have successfully done over the past 60+ years. Because actual accomplishment in the real world — no matter how impressive — is no match for progressive propaganda. If you’re pro-life, pro-American, pro-free market, pro-second amendment, pro-military and support veterans receiving benefits through military taxes, Hollywood will destroy you if they see you as a threat. And since bursting onto the national scene in 2008, Sarah Palin has been and continues to be a palpable threat to progressives and their sacred cows (gun control, abortion, environmental agenda, etc), simply by virtue of breathing and existing.

On a personal level, she’s been happily married for over 20 years. She’s brought five beautiful children into the world — including one with special needs. She made the deliberate choice to give birth actually knowing her baby would have Down syndrome because she knows every life has purpose and is sacred in God’s eyes. Her handsome, devoted husband is actively involved in the child-rearing. If you took so-called feminists at their word, someone like Sarah Palin would actually be held up as a role-model for women, not vilified, slandered and mocked. She’s truly done it all, personally and professionally. She has an egalitarian marriage in which the husband supports her career and takes care of the kids. To use a favorite feminist buzz phrase from the 1960s, you might say “she’s come a long way, baby”.

Ah, but despite their vocal cries of “equality”, “independence” and “respect”, celebrity Hollywood feminists and their fellow femi-Nazi hypocrites are all about conformity, not choice. They only support women who buy into their progressive agenda of an anti-constitutional, ever-expanding government that among other things, dispenses “free” birth control, demands taxpayer-funded abortion on demand and imposes “fairness”. That’s why you’ll never catch a self-proclaimed feminist like Julianne Moore defending a liberty-minded female like Sarah Palin against the rampant misogyny hurled at her by vile celebrities like Bill Maher and David Letterman.

In addition to blatant hypocrisy and adherence to an agenda, perhaps deep down Moore and her fellow travelers (Tina Fey, Katie Couric, etc) are also consumed with guilt, though they would never readily admit it. How many of them could look in a mirror and honestly say that if presented with the same circumstance of having conceived an “imperfect” life, they would not have chosen murder for their unborn child?

Julianne Moore and her ilk can pat themselves on the back for their “bravery” until their satiated egos burst; only in Hollywood could it be considered “brave” to slander a woman who’s been under relentless, vicious and misogynistic attack ever since exploding onto the national stage as the Republican VP nominee in Dayton, Ohio in 2008 — nearly five years ago.

So whatever Hollywood. Wallow in your superficiality, your amorality, your hatred for “flyover country” and your various, endless addictions. We who love America and her exceptional citizens like Sarah Palin will continue to fight the good fight. Oh — and those of us who are extraordinarily dedicated will continue to boycott your propagandized products.

UPDATE: Published by Canada Free Press as a Cover Story — thanks Judi!


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