Happy Birthday President Reagan! UPDATED

Happy Birthday President Reagan! UPDATED

I’m a little late in posting today, but wanted to take a moment to honor one of the USA’s greatest presidents — certainly the best president of modern times.

From The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, here’s one of my favorite Reagan speeches, which speaks so eloquently to the grave challenges our nation is facing today under a tyrannical Obama regime steeped in the very ideology Ronald Reagan spent his entire life fighting against.

From Constitution Daily, 10 interesting facts on President Ronald Reagan’s birthday.

From Governor Sarah Palin:

Happy birthday, President Reagan! In honor of the Gipper’s 102 birthday, let’s watch his 1st Inaugural Address again…

How bittersweet it is to watch these videos — a reminder of what it was like to have an American President who sincerely loved his country and its founding principles, believed in American exceptionalism and stood firm against America’s enemies. No apologies, no moral equivocating…simply “We win, they lose.”

Praying for a Reagan-like, principled leader to emerge on the national scene to take back the White House in 2016. God bless you, Mr. President. May you rest in peace after a job well done. You are sorely missed and fondly remembered!

UPDATE: From Mr. L’s Tavern, check out his monologue from the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birthday two years ago:


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