Happy Birthday Governor Palin!

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!


I wanted to take a moment to wish my favorite conservative warrior, political figure, leader and Tea Party inspiration Sarah Palin a very joyous, blessed and happy birthday today! It’s been a long road since starting Palin-Drone with my brothers after what felt like an incredibly long waiting period before John McCain made the very wise decision to select her as his running-mate in the 2008 election.

Since the three of us had been following Sarah and her career for over a year at that point we’d been hoping, praying and pulling for her selection to represent our constitutional conservative point-of-view in a dynamic, energetic and charismatic way on the campaign trail. I still remember how excited I was when my brother Paul texted me to confirm the great news. I’d been in a corporate meeting and unable to fully react until safely on my lunch break later, along with another female co-worker who was the lone voice of political sanity in an office filled with liberals. Especially the 20-somethings who thought Barack was “cool” and that countries like Denmark “knew how to treat their workers”. Yeah, it was a long election season.

But from Sarah’s very first national speech, I knew there was real “hope”.

And even after nearly five year of relentless, depraved attacks from the media and pop culture against her and her family, Sarah Palin continues to fight the good fight with remarkable strength, honor, grace, dignity and resolve. She is the voice for all Americans who love their country and constitution, their God and their guns, their independence and their national sovereignty.

So on Governor Palin’s birthday, let’s take Mr. L Tavern’s advice and send her the gift of a donation to SarahPAC:

****This message is not approved or endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, her staff or political action committee.
As many Palinistas know, Monday February 11, 2013 is Sarah Palin’s birthday. Many Palin supporters thought it would be cool to send Sarah a donation of $25 dollars or more to SarahPAC on 2/11/2013.
Since her departure from Fox News, Gov. Palin vowed to use the $1.2 million dollars she has raised and devote it to help “shake up” the GOP machine in the year ahead. Let’s give her a little extra boost on her birthday!
With all of the inside baseball shenanigans coming from Karl Rove and the republican establishment, it’s a relief to have someone like Sarah Palin out there speaking on behalf of the grassroots conservative movement.
Gov. Palin’s anti establishment message isn’t just empty rhetoric. She has lived it. She fought the establishment on both sides while coming up through the political trenches in Alaska. Never forget that Gov. Palin was one of the first targets of the GOP establishment shortly after the 2008 elections.
So donate—that is—if you can swing it in this horrible Oconomy. We know, times are tough.
Enjoy the video.

(Video from Mr. L’s Tavern Channel on YouTube)

Very glad I had the chance, however brief, to shake Sarah’s hand and say hello in Indianola, Iowa in 2011. She truly is an exceptional human being and unbelievably, even more beautiful in person than on television.

Happy Birthday Governor Palin — and thanks for everything you do for freedom! God bless.


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    Sarah Palin is a a real life walking Norman Rockwell Painting that lives the life depicted which her detractors simply can’t measure up to, and that realization pains them so much they seek comfort in projecting that hurt onto the most inconsequential detail of “her” life.

    Sarah Palin’s Birthday!born February 11, 1964
    -born in Idaho, Christian, graduated from Midwest College, started as TV Sportscaster, moved west & became Governor

    Ronald Reagan’s Birthday!born February 6, 1911
    – born in Illinois, Christian, graduated from Midwest College, started as Radio Sportscaster, moved west & became Governor

    Governor (06-09),Oil Regulator (03-04), Mayor (96-02), b>City Council (92-96), Commercial Fisherman (89-06), TV Sportscaster (88-89), Marathoner (3:59:36), Best selling Author(09-12), Congressional King Maker(10-13), and Mother of Five!


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