Hanging Out at the Tea Party Express Rally in Orlando

Hanging Out at the Tea Party Express Rally in Orlando

Last night I had the honor of meeting some incredible patriots at the Tea Party Express rally in Orlando, not the least of which was the amazing Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom and courageous, inspirational American patriot. In light of the devastating and horrific news out of  Egypt and Libya, it was especially comforting to see so many dedicated patriots working their hearts out to ensure victory in November in the US Congress and the White House. I keep praying and working to make that a reality, even as I scratch my head over people who are either unwilling to put down the Kool-Aid or happy to aid and abet in the destruction of our beloved USA by voting in the Marxist for another four years.

If only Mitt Romney and most Republicans had the ability to fight like a girl a la Governor Sarah Palin!

Anyway, here are some photos from the event, which began with a moment of silence for the heroes of September 11, 2001.


The sight of freedom — the Tea Party Express bus.


Amy Kremer, founder of Tea Party Express, addresses the gathering.


Posing with talented patriots Kay and Ron Rivoli.


The Rivolis rev up the crowd.


Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee tells the heroic story of her son Mark, who gave all for his country while defending it in Iraq. A truly remarkable woman. RIP Mark.


Hugging Debbie Lee after her emotional, heart-wrenching speech.


In the rousing finale, Debbie Lee holds up a photo of her son Mark as we prepared to go our separate ways to complete our work in taking back our country.



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