Going The Extra Mile: Leslie Sansone’s 4-Mile Power Walk

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As my readers know, I am a huge fan of Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds DVDs, having written a review of her Ultimate Collection at the beginning of the summer when I purchased it from Amazon. I first became acquainted with Leslie’s fitness collection a few years ago when I joined Nutri System and received her specially formulated 2-mile walk produced exclusively for followers of the popular weight loss system. To my great delight, I was immediately hooked.

Without having to use weights or go to a gym, I found that I could make a huge difference in my body just by spending 30 minutes in my living room power walking under Leslie’s instruction. And her bubbly, encouraging personality made it easy to stay motivated, although once I had it down pat, I used my own playlist of classic rock tunes and muted the uninspiring, generic music to which the walks are set. (Note: Although it’s a personal preference to use my own songs, Leslie’s are specifically engineered to keep walkers on pace, so keep that in mind when you’re first getting started).

Fast forward to May of this year. I ordered the Ultimate Challenge DVD which includes a 1-mile, 2-mile, 3-mile and 4-mile program, figuring on one DVD I could find a walk that would suit my schedule and energy level on any given day. But from the start, I went with the 3-mile, having become accustomed to the 2-mile version I’d faithfully used for the previous two years. I figured it was high time to step up my game, so to speak.

And with its purple stretchy band and extra mile of high-energy walking, the 3-mile version took me to an entirely new level of fitness. As the weeks went by, I noted a significant difference in my muscle tone — particularly my arms — which were definitely benefiting from the added resistance. No weights required! How cool was that?Eventually I began to realize that the 3-mile challenge was becoming a little too easy, which was when I finally decided to push myself to take the 4-mile “Super Challenge”. So about a week ago, I popped it in, scrolled down to the last item on the menu and got to work. Wow! What a great feeling it was to power through the entire program, feeling more and more energized with every step. Although this version eschews the stretchy band in favor of more vigorous arm movements, it is still a fabulous fitness routine, featuring even more variations of the four basic moves that characterize Leslie’s DVDs.
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It is such a great feeling to know that with just one hour of my time, in the privacy of my own home I can get a gym quality workout without the meat market atmosphere, thus eliminating the “no time for exercise” excuse and enhancing my mental as well as physical health.

Apparently, lots of women (and men….there is one guy featured in all four walks on my DVD) share my enthusiasm because Leslie’s come a very long way, baby: what began as a few classes in her fitness center has grown into the #1 walking program in the world, grossing over $250 million worldwide.

Which means I am hopeful that if I keep asking politely enough, I might actually get to interview Leslie about her business success on an upcoming Dariaanne BTR broadcast. It would be the (ahem!) icing on the cake, so to speak — not that getting into shape isn’t its own reward, of course.

So while I work on booking Leslie’s appearance, I can’t recommend her DVDs highly enough!

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