From Warchick Enterprises — Forgotten Warrior: Twice In One Day

From my dear friend, knowledgeable military historian and intrepid journalist Resa LaRu Kirkland comes a real life story of honor, heroism and brotherhood entitled Forgotten Warrior: Twice In One Day.

Resa plans to complete her book in 2013 — a much-needed effort to celebrate society’s true heroes as well as inform Americans of their own history. As she notes in the trailer, while very little is told about the Korean War, the battle against communism is one we’re still fighting today. If you doubt that this is the case or believe that Resa is exaggerating, please check out Agenda: Grinding America Down, one of the best documentaries to chronicle the successful implementation of the American Communist agenda within the United States.

Roberto Carrasco.

Roberto Carrasco.

An avid student of history, Resa’a project is a reminder that in a culture obsessed with vapid celebrity worship and rampant exhibitionism, those who’ve selflessly fought and died for our freedom are the ones who deserve our admiration and reverence. That the hero of this story, Ricardo Carrasco, was just 19 years old when he made the decision to fight alongside his brothers against the communists rather than “go Hollywood” — with all of its trappings of fame and fortune — is a testament to the maturity of previous generations, so far removed from today’s self-absorbed “hipsters” and some of the Baby Boomers who preceded them. Clearly, Ricardo Carrasco is a name that all Americans ought to know and to revere as an example of genuine courage and character, and of someone who had his priorities in the right place. Like so many who have worn the uniform, he epitomizes the very best of the USA.

Kudos to Resa for telling Ricardo’s story. Looking forward to reading Forgotten Warrior sometime in 2013!

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