Email of the Day

Email of the Day

Received in my inbox today:


First of all, to my children and grandchildren and generations to come, I am sorry for you.

To all who voted for Barack Hussein Obama. It’s often said there are two great disappointments in life…(1) Not getting what you want and (2) Getting what you THOUGHT you wanted.

YOU have successfully destroyed this nation. It should now be renamed the USSA…”United Socialist States of America ”. This is NOT an exaggeration. From now on with all the issues facing America , all we will care about in this great nation will be race, class warfare and women’s reproduction issues. Let me explain….

During the first four years of his administration “BO” nationalized the housing industry, the automobile industry, and the medical industry…all “socialized”. Expect in the second term, nationalism of the airline industry, the oil and gas industry, and the power industry (electrical power from fossil and nuclear fuel sources). Expect much more borrowed and tax money to be given to unproductive and unsuccessful “green” industries.

Many women selfishly voted for “BO”…their votes driven exclusively by their reproductive ability…government-funded abortion on demand…early term…late term…it will make no difference. Contraception will be government provided but, sadly, rarely used. Now the women are guaranteed two “freedoms of choice”…the freedom to avoid pregnancy and secondly, the freedom to terminate it once they ignore the first choice.

Some form of amnesty will not only grant legitimacy to illegal aliens, it will also assure huge payments for housing, subsistence, medical care, and free secondary education at the public expense. That’s the only way the illegals can be enslaved to vote for liberalism…which they will be allowed to do.

Expect significantly more relaxed drug laws and far less severe punishments for drug use. Then, expect a huge expenditure on government drug treatment centers and increasing costs to feed and house the rapidly growing numbers of non-productive users.

Expect the progressive elimination of GOD from visibility. The concept of separation of church and state will be taken by legislation to unlawful levels so the public will eventually (perhaps not in this administration but in future ones) be unable to have any public display of religion on their lawns during the “winter holiday” (can’t call it Christmas anymore…someone might be offended).

Expect more and more accommodation of Islam with disregard to Christianity. It was very evident in the last four years…it will become more so in the next four years. Remember…we don’t want to offend anyone.

It’s possible for three Supreme Court justices to be replaced in the next four years. Expect a very liberal Supreme Court which powerfully legislates from the bench. The same will hold true for dozens (hundreds?) of lower court judges. They WILL vote in favor of the liberal ideal. Morality is not an issue.

The second amendment to the Constitution will, in some way, be significantly diluted. Perhaps with exorbitant taxes on ammunition? As a matter of fact, any time the Constitution is a barrier to liberal idealism, it will either be ignored or diluted by some form of legislation, executive degree, or liberal judicial interpretation…somehow by-passed.

Be prepared for YOUR GOVERNMENT to allow, if not encourage, outside influence into your lives. The U.N. will begin to dictate to us and we will comply. You will be forced to fall in line with Europe . We will become “Europeanized”. It thrills other nationalities that we will be brought down to their standards. They’re giddy with excitement over “BO’s” re-election…as are Putin, Castro, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…all of whom endorsed “BO”

When (it’s already happened as evidenced by the election) a high enough percentage of the population Is “ENSLAVED” to and by the government, they (all of us!) will have to vote to keep them (the “masters”) in power so they (the public) can continue to be cared for.

We are now enslaved by socialism. There is no turning back. It’s impossible to get a sufficient number of votes to displace the “masters”. Conversely, the “masters” cannot take back what they’ve already given without risk to their power.

These issues are only the superficial tip of the iceberg. Other issues are also contributors.

Since we are now about SIXTEEN TRILLION in debt (FIVE trillion added in the last four years!), expect the total collapse of the economy of the U.S.S.A. Not just increasing the tax on the wealthy…but taking 100% of their total wealth would not begin to reduce the national debt. With the vast increase in government spending and nationalization of more business and industry, expenditures to keep the SLAVES (us!) in line will destroy us.

The question is no more fundamental than how long it will take for the total collapse of the American economy.

Obama voters…remember this missive. You got what you thought you wanted

And again, to my kids and their kids…I’m so sorry. You have been dealt a losing hand by those who are selfish and willing to sacrifice this nation for their own immediate and personal interests.

Bob Cottam

I don’t know Bob, but I must commend him for eloquently expressing the thoughts of so many of us in the aftermath of Obama’s re-election. Earlier today I was out driving and at two different points, found myself behind cars featuring Obama stickers — “Women for Obama” and a generic “Obama-Biden 2012”. In both cases, especially the former, I briefly flirted with the idea of laying on the horn or tailgating to get their attention, then denigrating myself to the level of the typical Obama voter by making some obscene gesture of my disapproval. Alas, unlike most Lefties, I hold myself to a higher standard though I will not deny the anger I feel toward these idiots only seems to grow stronger with each passing day.

As I posted immediately after the election I am ASHAMED of my gender — absolutely ASHAMED. And I am grappling with feelings of complete disgust with longtime family friends who have revealed that once again, they voted for Obama and another four years of utter devastation. These same people also have a deep love for my special needs brother Ralph. I hope the day never comes when Obamacare denies Ralph some necessary procedure, operation or medicine he might need, but if it does, I will be sure to “thank” them to their face for aiding and abetting evil. Suffice it to say, I have lost all respect for them, particularly the wife who prides herself on her high moral standards. I might have been able to forgive one grave mistake in 2008, but four years — and an abysmal economic and foreign policy record later, including the Benghazi deception — and I have lost all willingness to offer the benefit of the doubt.

Anyone who voted for Obama is an accessory to a crime — the murder of our once great Republic. Thanks for nothing.


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