Election 2012 Scrapbook

Election 2012 Scrapbook

Long lines all day Sunday for early voting in Lantana, Florida. People waited 2-3 hours to cast their votes.

I detailed my experiences over the weekend sign waving at early voting locations in South Florida in my Conservative Diva Weekend post, but with the news of Mitt Romney’s visits to Tampa, Coral Gables and Jacksonville today (dare I say, “victory lap”???) I thought I’d post the rest of the photos as a reminder that Florida is Romney-Ryan country. ¬†Ok, stay focused and keep working hard for a landslide on Tuesday!

In Lantana, Ellen poses with Thomson, a Romney-Ryan supporter we ran into upon arriving.


A sight to behold in the parking lot in Lantana!


Thomson and Susan.


Ellen reviews the Florida amendments with a voter.


A group of dedicated patriots working hard for the restoration of the American Republic.


The fabulous South Florida 912 Group, led by Shannon and Doug Armstrong has done tremendous work over the past nearly four years. We all said a prayer around the flagpole in Lantana.


Posing in front of Ellen’s house prior to leaving.


Sign waving in West Delray with Starla Munn Brown (left) and Ellen.


Just my observation and gut instinct, but there’s definitely an undertow feeling all around the state, even in South Florida where I am currently hanging out and working for the purpose of voting and volunteering to ensure a Romney-Ryan victory on Tuesday. Since I am a purist, I won’t actually be casting my vote until Election Day, and I am counting the days!


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