“District of Corruption” — A Review

“District of Corruption” — A Review

Steve and I had the pleasure of screening Stephen K. Bannon’s latest effort, District of Corruption, a detailed, insightful and at times, eye-opening expose of the permanent political class in Washington D.C.

From the District of Corruption site:

The new Judicial Watch blockbuster feature documentary, District of Corruption, directed by Stephen K. Bannon, lays bare the lawless and unconstitutional Obama administration and makes the case for more openness, integrity, and honesty in government and leads the way for changing the climate of corruption that has gripped Washington, D.C. for far too long.

Lest anyone accuse Bannon of focusing exclusively on Obama’s corruption or of favoring Republicans over Democrats (a ludicrous charge to begin with, given his conservative bona fides), his film actually takes three administrations to task: Clinton, Bush and Obama, focusing on very specific scandals during each one’s tenure:


Presents a gripping lineup of the gross malfeasance and unparalleled secrecy of our government today. The film exposes Obama administration scandals such as Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Crony Capitalism, Czars, and its politicized Justice Department. This cabal of government insiders comprises an essentially Shadow Government that uses favoritism, regulatory power, and abuse of office to enrich the party faithful at the expense of the general public.

ACT 1:

Explores the recent history of the abuse of power in Washington during the Bush and Clinton administrations to put the current state of affairs in context. Act I will end as a dog-eared and beaten George W. Bush gives way to a Chicago politician claiming “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this Presidency.”

ACT 2:

Covers more major Obama Scandals. Will briefly consider Obama the “community organizer,” the professor, and the State Senator before delving more deeply into the scandals (such as the Bailouts, White House Visitor Logs, Secrecy, White House Czars, Green Energy, Fast and Furious) that have marked the first four years of his Presidency. Act II ends with an exposé on White House secrecy controversy and sets up the stakes for the next election, specifically focusing on voter and election fraud.

ACT 3:

Provides an in-depth exploration of the Judicial Watch 2012 Election Integrity Project, the upcoming election, and will answer the questions: What is the meaning of these abuses of power to the rule of law and the future of the United States? And why is Judicial Watch absolutely essential as an advocate for the rule of law and independent watchdog for the people of the United States?

Although as a politically engaged American, I was already aware of much of the information presented in the film, since it delves so deeply into the machinations and motivations underscoring such betrayals as ChinaGate, FileGate, PardonGate, Bush’s “Let’s Move On” mentality regarding his predecessor, the Bush Administration’s decision to privately fly out members of the Saudi Royal Family on 9/11, TARP, Czars and ACORN, I came away with an even greater sense of urgency to not only vote Obama out of office, but to fight even harder for government accountability at all levels. I also came away with a deep, abiding respect and gratitude for Judicial Watch and their relentless quest to shine the spotlight on the permanent political class with its sickening sense of entitlement that compels them to secure their own self-interest above all — instead of doing right by the American people — to whom they owe their very tenure.

We The People entrust our leaders with the privilege of serving in a system that was designed “for the people, by the people and of the people”; watching District of Corruption, it is simultaneously disheartening and motivating to realize just how far off our current system of governance stands in relation to the vision conceived and implemented by our Founding Fathers.

But thanks to Stephen Bannon and Judicial Watch, Americans now know exactly what’s at stake and what is needed to restore our Republic. Watch the trailer below and then visit the District of Corruption site for information on showtimes and locations in your area. It is our country — let’s take it back.

District of Corruption Movie Trailer from Judicial Watch, Inc. on Vimeo.


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  1. I believe Judicial Watch is the best thing to happen to America since sliced bread! They work tirelessly day in and day out investigating, suing when necessary, to get the facts of Government corruption out to the people! And it is a very hard job because apparently our Government is “Eaten up” with corruption! My hat is off to Judicial Watch!

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