Dental Distractions

Dental Distractions

As if the events of last week weren’t gut-wrenching enough, today I had to undergo a root planing and scaling. About six weeks ago, I suddenly started experiencing pain in my gums and teeth which turned out to be early stages of gum disease. Very frustrating since I have always been meticulous about brushing after every meal, using an oral rinse, drinking mostly water (I banned sugary drinks and sodas from my diet years ago) — save for my morning coffee — and avoiding sweets as much as possible. Ok, I wasn’t always a stalwart about flossing, which I absolutely hate but after today’s experience that’ll be changing.

Although the hygienist Naomi was absolutely superb, the procedure itself was daunting, even for a typically stoic patient like me. Funny, I endured horrific pain for six long weeks while using home remedies to keep any infection in check until I could see a professional, yet struggled to avoid a panic attack over having my entire mouth and tongue completely numbed. I interrupted her a few times to take a break from the intensity and at one point requested that the chair be moved to as upright a position as possible since for whatever reason, I couldn’t tolerate lying flat. She graciously obliged my request, which made the duration of the procedure much more bearable.

It doesn’t help that I have a small mouth, which made taking the x-rays the other day also very challenging; somehow a fully numbed, small mouth made the root planing and scaling even tougher.

Thankfully, I got to a dentist in time to avert disaster and was assured that as long as I keep up a good routine at home (which must include flossing) and had regular professional cleanings every 3-6 months, I should be fine. Thank God.

And thanks to Regency Court Dentistry for being so professional and competent.

Oh and here’s a little tutorial in case you didn’t know how to properly care for your teeth:

Wishing you a beautiful, healthy smile!


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