Daria Anne’s Radio Testimonials

Check out Daria Anne’s radio testimonials. For several years, she hosted a weekly program called Writestream Tuesday on Writestream Radio Network. In February 2018, she started broadcasting her program, Your Book Your Brand Your Business on W4CYRadio.

Here are a few testimonials from her talented guests and engaged listeners.

“What a fantastic experience to be on Daria’s program! I absolutely enjoyed it. It was the best interview that I have had in several years. She brings great programing to her audiance by inviting a broad spectrum of personalities and topics.

“If given the opportunity to participate again I will be very delighted to join her in another fast paced super interactive dialog that had the audiance interacting as well.
Daria – Thank you again for having me on your program!
BTW….. My wife loved it and was super impressed!! Now that’s worth more then Five Stars!! ;-)” ~ Tom Niewulis

“Thank you to Daria for having me on her radio show, Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business. We had a great conversation and the questions from her audience were challenging and fun. Daria is a total pro and just beginning to scratch the surface of great things ahead. The best is yet to come!” ~ Reid Lundy

“Anyone who can possibly get to be a guest on this show should rush to do it. Daria is an excellent interviewer, who succeeds in getting the best out of her guests. She is easy to talk to and brings in listener questions in a way that does not interrupt the flow of the conversation. Highly recommended!” ~ Richard Maddox

“I loved being a guest on her show and will be happy to come back as often as she will have me!” ~ Geoffrey Mark

“Great host, great format and very engaged listeners who sent in even greater questions. Enjoyed my appearance on February 26th and look forward to being invited back on.”

Richard Paolinelli

“Truly an inspiration and I am so grateful for all that you do to help us enrich and elevate our lives!”

Jennie Lynn

“Being a guest on Daria’s show is interesting and fun! Her interview skills are keen, her ability to listen gets guests to open up, she stays focused on subject and is relaxed never hurrying to next question. This makes a professional. Always great experience to be her guest.”

Ima Sumac Watkins

 “Thank you Daria and Writestream Radio. It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak and share my story about my novel Leon [Anonymous]. Daria was very professional, eloquent and well prepared. I have only been interviewed on the radio one other time before this and Daria went out of her way to make me feel calm and at ease. We spoke about the time, the period and socio-political environment in South America at the time that my novel Leon [Anonymous] takes place in. Daria was an excellent catalyst for conversation and I felt like I was speaking to a friend about a shared experience and I was able to relay that to the audience. Since my interview I have been contacted by producers here in Hollywood and in Europe to share my work and to come aboard on existing projects in development. Leon [Anonymous] is already being considered for the optioning of its film rights by a company here in Hollywood. Thank you very much Daria and Writestream Radio. My interview and exposure has done wonders for my career and my novel. Cheers!”

— Author Adrian Robert Abarca

“A friendly, insightful host makes for a rewarding interview experience. Many thanks to Daria for interviewing me about my newly released book. She has a talent for putting the guests at ease, while moving the show along and keeping it interesting. I have come to Daria’s show several times before, and I can always be confident she would help me express myself in the best way I can. I tend to be quiet and reserved in real life, but Daria’s relaxed and positive style is contagious, making it easy for anyone to open up and talk freely. The show is always built around letting the guest shine and makes for a great promotional tool. I also love having high quality podcasts available after the show for easy sharing. In short, if you have something to say to the world, you count on Daria to give you just the right opportunity. Highly recommended.” 

Marina Fontaine, Author of Chasing Freedom.

“I am thankful for being a guest on Daria Anne’s show Writestream Tuesday. She’s a wonderful host with insightful questions, and I very much enjoyed the interview. I am looking forward to doing it again when my third book, Dance of Heavenly Bliss, is released. All the best!

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“I absolutely love appearing on The Writestream Radio Network, particularly Writestream Tuesday. Daria DiGiovanni is the epitome of class. She is professional, friendly and makes authors feel at home. Being interviewed by Daria is like chatting with a good friend over a cup of coffee. She takes an interest in each author’s work, and gives them ample opportunity to talk about their books. Daria also gives each guest plenty of time to let listeners know where they can be found on social media, blogs and websites.”

Daniella Bova, Author of The Storms of Transformation Book Series

“As an indie author, I always look for ways to publicize my work. Daria took a chance on me when I was just starting out and interviewed me for Writestream Radio. Daria is such a pro that she drew me out (I am a confirmed introvert!) and made me sound intelligent and personable. She prepared questions in advance and paced the show expertly so there was no dead air or embarrassing stumbling for me. Not to mention, the Writestream audience is the best! Engaged, informed, and aware, Writestream listeners are a coveted demographic. I am grateful to Daria for giving me access to them!”

— Author & Graphic Designer Kia Heavey

“Daria Anne and the Writestream team are among the most thorough and professional interviewers I’ve run across.

“During our conversation, their preparation (Daria Anne had clearly read my entire book) was impressive. Her level of knowledge, from her research, took our conversation to a much higher level than I’ve ever experienced with other TV or radio interviews.

“I’d gladly join the Writestream team for another session, any time.”

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my Writestream interview with Daria. Not only did she take the time to know something about my book and the subject it covers, but she asked excellent questions about it. She was never afraid to express her thoughts about what I was sharing, but she did an amazing job of letting the show be about my insights, expertise, and goals. She’s also willing to learn right along with her listeners and probe the new information she’s receiving. If I could sum up: An interview with Daria is never about her; it’s always about you. Plus, she beautifully promotes the interviews both before and after. Incredibly impressive!”

Kirsten Lombard, Founder of Resounding Books