CRF Radio with Mike Baker and Lt. General Thomas McInerney

Last night Steve and I had the honor of interviewing returning guests and frequent Fox News contributors Mike Baker, former CIA operative and Lt. General Thomas McInerney. Our discussion focused mainly on Benghazi, although we also asked for their thoughts on Israel, which is now rightfully defending itself against bloody Muslim aggression; forthcoming sequestration and election consequences (as if we didn’t already know). Although both men offered their typically prescient analysis, one of the most breathtaking revelations was when I asked the Lt. General if American institutions had been overtaken by political correctness.

His response?

The State Department, Department of Defense and other agencies involved in American national security had been infiltrated by something much worse — the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s when I noted to the Lt. General that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her four colleagues who’d submitted a written request for an investigation into possible Muslim Brotherhood infiltration last summer had been vindicated. At the time, they were excoriated by members of their own party, including the erroneously dubbed “Tea Party darling” Marco Rubio. Not such an “extreme” request now, eh Senator?

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