CRF Radio with author and military historian John D. Gresham

Author/military historian John D. Gresham.
Author/military historian John D. Gresham.

Tonight I solo-hosted on CRF Radio, due to Steve feeling under the weather. Thankfully, my good friend, author and soon-to-be #Writestream Radio host John D. Gresham was able to join me for two segments to talk about sequestration.

This eye-opening conversation is a must-listen for everyone who cares about our national security. Truly, what John shared with all of us tonight is deeply disturbing. But knowledge is power and sharing it with everyone you know on social media and in real life will go a long way toward turning things around. But we’ll have to feel the pain first, and it’s best to be aware of what’s coming. Listen to the interview by clicking here.

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