Conservative Diva Weekend for Romney-Ryan 2012

Conservative Diva Weekend for Romney-Ryan 2012

Starla M. Brown (left), Ellen Snyder (right) and me, proudly display our support for America’s Comeback Team.

I spent the past two days sign waving for Romney-Ryan at early voting locations with activist friends — Conservative Diva Ellen Snyder, Starla Munn Brown, the South Florida 9/12 Group and other South Florida patriots. On both days, voting lines were extremely long with nearly 3-hour wait times at certain points, which prompted some folks to alter their plans and vote during the week instead. Saturday, we stood outside of Hagen Ranch Library in West Delray Beach — a Democrat stronghold — where surprisingly, along with the usual hardcore Obama supporters, a significant number of Romney-Ryan voters passed by us. In my unscientific estimation, it appeared that about 75% of the crowd was there to cast a vote for the Republican ticket. In West Delray.

This fact of course, only fueled the desperation of the Obama Zombies, who hurled plenty of vitriol at us, in spite of the fact that we were courteous and respectful on the rare occasions when we did interact with them. Most of the time, we talked among ourselves as we smiled and waved to passers-by. Evidently our political opponents never received the memo that the Democrats’ fictional “war on women” meme had been a complete dud, as evidenced by the fact that Mitt Romney closed the gender gap in recent polling, although we of course have been voting with our “Lady Smarts” for quite some time (in my case, my entire life). Thus, they were absolutely unhinged by the sight of three women holding signs in support of the GOP ticket.

How did they let us know?

There was the older “gentleman” (around 70-ish years old, if I had to guess) who first called us “stupid!” He’d been talking very loudly to the Obama women standing nearby about the Tea Party, rape, abortion and birth control, trying to elicit a reaction from us. When we kept ignoring him and stuck to our own conversation, he hurled the adjective “stupid”, nodding his head in our direction in case we didn’t know to whom he was referring. That’s when Starla firmly admonished him that while he had a right to his free speech, we were not going to stand there an allow him to impugn our character that way.

Ready to confront the Obama crowd in Lantana on Sunday.

His sickening reply?

“I hope you don’t get raped tonight!” before giving us the finger and storming off. That’s the left for you: always keeping it classy.

In spite of my many years of political activism and daily blog reading about the absolute viciousness and misogyny of the left, this man’s unadulterated degeneracy and hatred still took my breath away. It’s not often that I am at a loss for words, and it certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve had an encounter with the unhinged (e.g. zombies at a healthcare protest outside of Bill Nelson’s office in 2009), but all I could do was watch with a mixture of sadness, pity and outrage this sorry display of behavior.

At one point when I was standing alone while Starla and Ellen covered other areas of the parking lot, a 30-something male came walking out of the voting location, carrying his son who appeared to be about two-years old. In a voice loud enough for me to hear, he said to his son,”See those Romney people? They dislike America!”

Oh the irony.

On the flip side, we ran into three female Romney-Ryan supporters — immigrants from China and Cuba — who know from personal experience what it’s like NOT to have your freedom. Noted one woman, “Obama reminds me of Casto. America better wake up!” We went on to have a long discussion about the need for a strong work ethic, appreciation of freedom and fears that the country could not survive if a significant chunk of its population believed it to be the job of the government — by way of confiscating the money from productive members of society — to give them cell phones, food stamps and other things the rest of us work for.

Yesterday, Ellen and I spent the day in Lantana where the line to vote was steadily wrapped around the building most of the day. Unlike Saturday, a slight majority of these voters appeared to be for Obama, although we did receive many thumbs-up gestures from cars driving by us on their way out. For the first few hours, we stood alongside a young 20-something for Obama, who like the older man from Delray, was singularly obsessed with birth control, abortion and rape. He also thought it was great that at 26 years-old, he could remain on his parents’ insurance plan thanks to Obamacare. After a few attempts to confront him with facts, it become obvious it was a losing proposition.

Long voting lines in Lantana, with 2-3 hour wait times.

Then there was the older woman who strode up to us, absolutely incredulous that any American female could support the Romney-Ryan ticket. Without a hint of irony, she screeched that her husband was a Vietnam vet and that we should be ashamed of ourselves. Also, didn’t we know that Romney wanted to take away our birth control???? Or that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama??? How could we disagree with such an esteemed member of the military??

Just wow. I wanted to talk about Benghazi, sequestration and the long list of military endorsements for Romney-Ryan, but when I attempted to counter her false narrative, she gave us the finger and stormed off. Anyone see a pattern here? LOL

On a positive note, we had about 20 volunteers throughout the day, waving signs for Romney-Ryan, including the wonderful South Florida 912 Group, which led us in prayer around the flag pole and provided a refreshing anecdote to the hatred on display.

Sign waving continues throughout the week and schedule-permitting, I plan to participate as much as I possibly can.


Ellen poses with Thompson, a nice Romney-Ryan supporter we met in Lantana.


The wonderful patriots of the South Florida 912 Group have done an amazing job over the past 3 1/2 years.




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