Coming in January ~ In Sam’s Shoes: A Novel by Brooke Horton

I’m thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of In Sam’s Shoes: A Novel by Brooke Horton. Although I posted some excerpts from it last summer, in finalizing the details, I realized it needed some tweaks, including a more compelling cover and a slight change in the subtitle. Whereas before it was “A Story by Brooke Horton,” my new cover designer (who provides stellar design and formatting services) suggested “A Novel by Brooke Horton” was more appropriate, given its length.

This project took over two years to complete, but I’m thrilled that my client is pleased with the final result. It’s an engrossing read, based on her real-life experiences, and I worked hard to do the story justice. I appreciate her patience during the process and look forward to releasing, In Sam’s Shoes: A Novel by Brooke Horton, sometime in January. Stay tuned!



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