Colby Psychic Rebel on The Writestream – Archive

Colby Psychic Rebel on The Writestream – Archive

If you missed my interview with the high-energy go-getter Colby Psychic Rebel, click below to listen to her share her journey from tax accountant to spiritual practitioner. Colby’s book Leap of Faith is a must-have for anyone starting a business or seeking to expand an existing one. While geared toward spiritual and holistic health practices, it’s a practical guide for anyone taking a “leap of faith” into their own business.

Colby shared her insights on using social media for success, branding your business, and making the time to write on a consistent basis to achieve your book publishing goals. Visit for more.

Listen below.

If you’re ready to start the writing and publishing process, or have questions about it, visit Click on the contact link to set up your no-obligation consultation.

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