Chicks on the Right: “This Is Our Battle Cry”

Chicks on the Right: “This Is Our Battle Cry”

I absolutely LOVE this new video produced by the fabulous Chicks on the Right. Please watch and share with everyone you know, especially the women in your life who are susceptible to the Republican/Conservative “War on Women” propaganda:

For years, the Chicks have been exposing the flagrant hypocrisy of celebrity females like Ashley Judd, whose laughable excoriation of the “sexualization” of women betrays a stunning lack of self-awareness. This is after all the same woman who freely posed nude and/or nearly nude for a variety of popular women’s magazines, and appeared in films like Norma Jean and Marilyn completely in the buff. No doubt, she was paid well for her willingness to shed her clothing which didn’t seem to be a problem for her in her younger days.

No whining about the mythical “patriarchy” when she was in her prime. And hey, the money was great too. More than the average American woman will see in her lifetime, particularly those who’ve lost their jobs in the Obama economy. But now, Ashley vocally complains about the hyper-sexualization of women by the “patriarchy” — a problem she herself was complicit in the making, much like Madonna, who has vilified the American culture in the same way, apparently clueless to the reality that she herself has played (and continues to play) a major role in its degradation.

This is indeed the battle cry of liberty-loving, hard-working, responsible, accountable American women who have been blessed with the privilege of living in the freest nation the world has ever known. Share it far and wide: pushing back against progressive propaganda requires focused, relentless and united effort.


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