Coming in January ~ In Sam’s Shoes: A Novel by Brooke Horton

I’m thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of In Sam’s Shoes: A Novel by Brooke Horton. Although I posted some excerpts from it last summer, in finalizing the details, I realized it needed some tweaks, including a more compelling cover and a slight change in the subtitle. Whereas before it was “A Story by Brooke Horton,” my new cover designer (who provides stellar design and formatting services) suggested “A Novel by Brooke Horton” was more appropriate, given its length.

This project took over two years to complete, but I’m thrilled that my client is pleased with the final result. It’s an engrossing read, based on her real-life experiences, and I worked hard to do the story justice. I appreciate her patience during the process and look forward to releasing, In Sam’s Shoes: A Novel by Brooke Horton, sometime in January. Stay tuned!



The Writestream: Married to the Mossad with Author Shalva Hessel

UPDATE: Due to some unforeseen tech problems, this episode will be rescheduled in 2018. 

The Writestream: Married to the Mossad with Author Shalva Hessel

Please tune in on Wednesday, December 6 at 11 AM Eastern.

A Woman Who Joined Her Husband On Missions  For The Mossad Shares Her Stories

The fight against terrorism often happens outside the media radar in a world of secret missions and James Bond-style intrigue. And while these exploits in espionage conjure a macho image, it’s often women who take a leading role – and face dangers in the bargain.

“Women are especially suited and needed for fighting terrorism and crime,” says Shalva Hessel, author of “Married to the Mossad” (, a fictionalized version of her own real-life story.

Hessel knows something about the subject because she joined her husband on his secret missions for the Mossad, the Israeli national intelligence agency.

Shalva Hessel, author of “Married to the Mossad” (, was raised on Moshav Hibat-Zion in central Israel. She is a software engineer and has managed information systems for companies around the world. When her husband, who served in a senior role in the Mossad, left on secret missions, she joined him as part of his cover. Today she lives in Tel Aviv and is involved in charitable ventures, as well as business management.

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Arlington Anthology: Field of Honor with Ron MacDonald on The Writestream

Arlington Anthology: Field of Honor with Ron MacDonald on The Writestream

Please join me on Wednesday, November 29 at 11 AM Eastern when author Ron MacDonald joins me on The Writestream to discuss his book, Arlington Anthology: Field of Honor.

Heart-wrenching and uplifting stories of loyalty, brotherhood, perseverance, and heroism

Across the Potomac River from Washington D.C., lies this nation’s most sacred of grounds, Arlington National Cemetery. Upon these hollowed grounds are buried some of our nation’s finest from as far back as the Revolutionary War to today. Some 310,000 men and women call Arlington their final resting place. Here lie two of our nation’s Presidents, honored statesmen, explorers, literary figures, Chief Justices, and Astronauts. From our Generals and Admirals to the common soldier and sailor rest here as do some 3,800 former slaves who fled to freedom call Arlington their home. It is their stories that beg to be heard, stories of courage against insurmountable odds, of love of brother and country, and of sacrifice. Stories of hopes and dreams and choices made during adversity. It is thru these stories that we to can learn that one person can make a difference and that thru valor and bravery the course of this country and the life of each and every one of us has been changed. These noble souls, who reside here, still live with us, and bid us to think of life, not death and to listen and learn what they have done who now rest in Arlington.

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About Ron MacDonald

A native Californian, Ron MacDonald has been an accomplished and published photographer for over 20 years. While traveling and photographing in Europe he visited many historical cemeteries, including Omaha Beach Cemetery, where he found his uncle’s final resting place. His love of history drove him to tell the untold stories of those who reside at Arlington National Cemetery.

To listen to the interview on Wednesday, November 29 at 11 AM Eastern, click here. Listen by phone at (347) 945-7246 and press “1” to ask Ron a question on the air.

UPDATE: Did you miss today’s informative, inspiring interview? Click below to listen.