One Day More

It’s not a secret I wasn’t a “yuge” fan of Donald Trump during the primaries. As a staunch constitutional conservative, I supported Ted Cruz, the most principled candidate among all of the contenders. I despised Trump’s disgusting, juvenile smears on Cruz and his family, including the ludicrous claim that Rafael Cruz somehow played a role in JFK’s assassination.

However, taking a cue from Cruz (who put personal animosity aside for the greater cause), once Donald become the nominee, I planned to vote for him, if only to save the country from leftist criminal Hillary Clinton — a presidency from which we never would have recovered. If you think that’s an exaggeration, I recommend watching Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democrat Party.

By the time Election Day rolled around, I cast my vote with enthusiasm and prayed that enough Americans would do the same. Thank God, together we averted disaster.

Surprisingly, most of Trump’s cabinet choices have been solid. And while I cannot admit to liking the guy, he appears to genuinely love his country and desire to make it great again  — unlike the spiteful community organizer who spent the last eight years presiding over a “fundamental transformation” of a United States of America his privileged wife had never been proud of until he’d been elected.

Most admirably, Trump refuses to play nice with our corrupt, biased media, which has largely been an appendage of the DNC, rather than an objective source of news and information, for decades.

Finally, a Republican President who calls them out instead of cowering!

As for the lame duck, click here for Ben Shapiro’s take on Obama’s legacy. If racial division, cop killing, increased Islamic terror attacks at home and abroad; targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS; Big Government bullying of private businesses; destruction of our healthcare system; weakening of our military and national security; alienation of Israel and other important allies; and ruination of our economy were his goals, then yes, his administration was a rousing success.

And, right up until the bitter end, Obama is still inflicting damage with his Pardon Parade of Anti-American Spies and Terrorists.

Still, I pray with renewed hope and optimism that Trump will begin to undo his predecessor’s “deplorable” Executive Orders, as Andrew Napolitano explained in an interview yesterday — even if there’s not a damn thing he can do about freed traitors and terrorists.

One Day More.

One day more until we can begin to restore our nation. Yes we can…make America great again.


I’m with Her

I’m with Her. No, not Hillary Clinton. Lady Liberty.

It’s not a secret I wasn’t a fan of Donald Trump, especially during the primaries.

I hated the way he recklessly smeared my candidate of choice, Ted Cruz, with disgusting and patently false claims like Rafael Cruz (his father) helping to plot the JFK Assassination. I despised his vicious attacks on Ted’s wife, Heidi Cruz.

And as for Trump’s so-called “locker room talk,” it was vile, immature, classless and crude…even if he was a private citizen engaged in what he thought was a private conversation at the time. Of course, these revelations didn’t come to light until October, presumably to kill any chance of Donald Trump winning the election. Yes, the quintessential “October Surprise.”

But getting back to the Primary.

For various reasons beyond my control (aside from casting my vote for Ted Cruz), voters selected him to run against Hillary Clinton in the General Election. Yes, I was disappointed. Yes, I was even angry for a time.

Then, I remembered that this is how elections work in a constitutional republic and that, like it or not, politics is a blood sport. But a necessary sport to participate in if I cared about my future, the future of my loved ones, and the enduring safety and prosperity of my country.

After my preferred candidate lost his bid for the General, I had two choices: I could whine and cry about the unfairness of it all, or I could behave like a mature adult and concerned American citizen. I chose the latter and voted for the candidate who at least held some positions I can fully support — first and foremost, repealing the abomination that is Obamacare.

Once Ted Cruz rose above the reprehensible attacks to publicly and vocally support Donald Trump’s candidacy, there was no doubt in my mind that I could follow his example. If he could ignore Trump’s vulgar treatment of him for the sake of the greater good, I had no excuse.

After eight long years under a President who has fanned the flames of racial discord in a manner I have never before experienced in my lifetime; initiated an all-out assault on vital industries like coal and the idea of individual ingenuity and entrepreneurial success (e.g. “You didn’t build that!”); lambasted entire professions such as doctors as “greedy,” (e.g. the mythical M.D.’s who are allegedly cutting off patients’ limbs to make more money); dismantled our (mostly) free-market healthcare system; crippled our military; weakened our standing as leader of the free world; endangered national security; and inserted himself into local police matters while fomenting hatred and violence against cops…and the list goes on and on…there was no way I was sitting this one out.

Living in a swing state that could prove crucial to the results, I also refused to throw my vote away on an ill-fated protest by writing in a name that had a snowball-in-hell’s chance of winning and would only serve Hillary Clinton’s blind ambition. As Mark Levin eloquently stated, this election was about “damage control.”

American citizens are suffering under these quasi-socialist policies. I’m one of them.

Since when does a free American have to pay a “shared responsibility” tax for exercising their right not to purchase a product?

Well, since Obamacare was rammed down our throats without one Republican vote in the House or Senate (yes, I’m angry at John Roberts and John Boehner because the former could have struck it down as unconstitutional and the other could have refused to fund it).

Ultimately, this election represented another opportunity to peacefully make my voice heard and I wasn’t going to squander it. Little did I know as the results started to pour in on Tuesday that not only would Donald Trump win, but Republicans would end up controlling the House and Senate. Now they have no excuses. And we still have a shot at beginning the long process of bringing our country back to limited government principles.

The icing on the cake?

The Clinton Crime Syndicate has been stopped. If justice and truth prevail, both Hillary and Bill will be sporting handcuffs and wearing orange jumpsuits soon. I’m indescribably relieved that this modern-day Bonnie and Clyde will never set foot in the White House again — a feeling shared by countless family members, friends and acquaintances. As a principled human being who happens to be a woman, I don’t really care if the United States elects a male or female President, as long as that person believes in our founding principles and is willing to fight for them.

Which is why I was never with her.

And why I highly recommend watching Hillary’s America, where Dinesh D’Souza lays out a compelling case in an entertaining, informative way.

Why am I with Lady Liberty?

  • I believe in legal immigration
  • I believe in assimilation (if you want to come here, adapt to our system of government and our culture)
  • I believe in every individual’s God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  • I believe in American Exceptionalism (our current President, sadly, does not)
  • I believe “American” refers to an ideal (all are equal before the law and individuals are free to govern their own lives) ~ not a race, religion, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation
  • I vote with my brain, not my lady parts
  • I am not a victim; I am blessed to have been born an American citizen

Following Tuesday night’s election results, it appears enough Americans still yearn for the freedoms Lady Liberty represents. I’m with her. And I’m not alone. Thank you, God.


Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Hillary’s America’

I thought I knew all the sordid details until I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s excellent film last night. It’s a history lesson for anyone seeking truth, not more media, academia, and pop culture propaganda. Professor Dr. Carol Swain’s appearance, along with the story of journalist and civil rights activist Ida B. Wells were particularly revealing. In the film, Dr. Swain explains her change of heart about the Democrat Party to Dinesh after conducting extensive research and realizing everything she’d believed was a lie.

Ida B. Wells was a civil rights activist, anti-lynching crusader, journalist and Republican who challenged progressive President Woodrow Wilson. Long before Rosa Parks, Wells refused to give up her seat on a train.

As for the Planned Parenthood/Margaret Sanger segment, if you’re unaware of the history of this despicable organization, founded to weed out blacks and “undesirables” (e.g. the handicapped), it may shock you to discover that Sanger enlisted the support of the KKK and black ministers (whom she deceived as part of her diabolical plan) in her zeal to rid America of “human weeds.”

And I haven’t even gotten to the Clinton’s.

From Hillary’s alliance with Saul Alinsky and marriage of convenience to Bill for the purpose of consolidating power, to defending the rapist of a 12 year-old girl (and laughing about it) to ripping off Haitians through the Clinton Foundation, Dinesh presents a clear-cut expose of the couple he refers to as a “modern-day Bonnie and Clyde,” (although to the best of my knowledge, Clyde wasn’t a sexual predator/womanizer/rapist).

D’Souza delves into Benghazi and the email servers as well. Given their criminal history, Bill and Hillary ought to be in prison, not running for office. The fact that they are is a testament to the success of the con and the power of propaganda. It is an absolute travesty of justice that these two criminals are roaming around free while Dinesh’s right to vote has been taken away from him, due to his targeting by the Obama Administration, in the aftermath of his 2012 film, Obama’s America.

As I watched Hillary’s America, it made me even angrier about 2016’s Theater of the Absurd Primary Election Season, when constitutional conservatives fell for the biggest con in political history. We could have had Ted Cruz going up against Hillary Clinton. Instead, we squandered a huge opportunity to present a distinctive choice between two ideologies. We’re running Donald Trump, one of her biggest donors (and friends) who shares many of her political positions. I’m still under the impression that he purposely ran for office to divide voters who want to preserve the founders’ vision of America to hand this election to his friend. Or, it was all part of plan to increase his brand and dominate media attention. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but when I look at the facts about Trump and what he has said and done, both in the past and present, nothing else makes sense.

Should I hold my nose and vote for him in November? Still debating and praying about it. One thing is for certain: I will vote for down ticket races because Congress is also important.

In the meantime, I encourage that those who truly need to see this film — the ones who need to understand the truth about the Democratic Party and the Clinton’s — to keep an open mind and head to the theater. The very last scene gave me goosebumps and made me cry. I suspect it has the same effect on all patriots who get what’s at stake.

Kudos to Dinesh for making it.