Brown Feather from Heaven?

Brown Feather from Heaven?

Brown Feather from Heaven?

I had an interesting experience today. While I was talking to a good friend, I decided to walk out onto my parents’ back deck (where I am visiting), something I rarely do. As she and I engaged in conversation, I looked down and found this brown feather sticking up between the floor boards – as if it was waiting there for me.

My curiosity piqued, I did a little online research to figure out what it could represent.


When you look at a feather, you will notice that there is a shaft running up the center of it vertically (the white part that looks like a stalk) . Well this shaft is hollow – so the  idea is that the person’s prayers go upwards through the hollow shaft to the Creator – and then his blessings come back down to you through the same orifice, which acts as a channel.

Feathers, with their connection to wings as a spiritual metaphor, represent a  strong celestial connection to the Heavenly realms, as well as love, truth, protection, new beginnings and rebirth.

When a feather actually ands at your feet, it is traditionally seen as a positive omen that your calls have been heard and answered. But generally speaking, when you find a feather in a magical way, Spirit is communicating with you and showing you their support and guidance.

On top of the general spiritual meanings of feathers, specific colours  and colour combinations  can also add extra meaning to aid in your interpretation.

Have you heard of that saying:

“Feathers appear when angels are near?” 

Feathers have ethereal qualities and come to you as sacred gifts from heaven. They fall on your path as a sign from the Divine, sent your way in order to comfort you and place you in a state of  joy and higher awareness. Spirit is showing you that you are on the right track and reminding you of your celestial origins and deep connection to  your heavenly home beyond earth.

Not only do angels and guides  send you feathers as a sign of unconditional love and to show you that they are near and hear, guide and support you from above; but also those who have crossed over to the ‘other side.’

A feather, especially a white one, can represent that your loved one in spirit is okay, watching over you and at peace. It is their way to interact with nature and send you a message from heaven.


  • earth
  • grounding
  • grounded balance between the physical & spiritual worlds
  • stability
  • endurance
  • home life
  • friendship
  • respect

According to

Brown feathers signify grounding, home life, and stability. There is an energy of respect, grounded positivity, and the balance between the physical and spiritual.

Since my brown feather features a bit of white at the bottom, I especially like this interpretation from

Brown feathers give stability and respect. They also symbolize the home and grounding. Brown feathers banded or mixed with white bring happiness and give the kind of protection that enables one to go unnoticed amidst those who would harm them.

In light of recent events, I’m grateful to have received this sign today.


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  1. Thank you for being a messanger on brown feathers with bits of white! I crossed one yesterday and then 3 more today <3

  2. This is crazy! I walked into my garage this evening to get in my car and there was a brown and white feather laying there. All night its been making me nuts because there is just no way a feather could have floated into my garage and there are certainly no birds in or anywhere near my garage. So a few minutes ago I went to my computer and typed in ” what does it mean when you find a feather” I pressed enter and what pops up? DARIA ANNE I almost fainted… my name is DARIA ANN. The photo you show of the brown feather looks almost identical to the feather I found. I started reading and tears came to my eyes, my best friend of 25 years was killed 9 months ago and he sends me signs all the time but this feather really warmed my heart because my sister just came over and I got so excited when DARIA ANNE popped up on my screen I ran in the other room to tell her and she said “Sissy I bought you something today” Its a charm bracelet with a feather and on the back it says (feathers appear when angels are near) one of the charms is a star( my best friends nickname was Johny starlet and after he passed I name a star after him, and one of the charms is an amethyst Crystal ball ( he gave me an amethyst crystal ball over 20 years and said it would always keep us connected) and the last charm is an angel. Johnys family calls me Johnys Angel because I went on a full blown Justice4Johny mission after he was killed to find the person who ran him down and left him in the street like trash to suffer and die alone in the dark and then I had to get them convicted and sent to prison and I did!!! So finding the feather, going online and looking up its meaning and seeing my own name pop up larger than life and my sister giving me the charm bracelet lets me know that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be and we are loved. Divine Order plain and simple. Oh and I asked my sister when she bought me the bracelet… naturally she bought at the same time I found my feather. (smile) God is sooo good. Thank you for your lovely site.

    • Daria, please forgive me for being so late to respond, but WOW! Your story just blew me away. It’s rare to meet anyone who shares my first name, let alone, my first AND middle name. God bless you and thank you for sharing! xo

  3. Last weekend I went outside to water my flowers and as I knelt down to water the two I have on my side porch, I found what looks like the same exact brown feather laying on the steps. This feather was right by my feet in the corner of the step. I have been trying to meditate and try to find myself again since the last 5 months have handed me live changing events, including my sister’s sudden passing, financial troubles, and a relationship coming to an end with my significant other. I don’t know if I’m even meditating correctly, I started to light candles while meditating, I went to a spiritual guide and she had me to 3 chakra sessions, and of course trying to pray. I was just hoping for a sign of some sort that everything will fall into place and will be okay again. Boom, I came upon this feather. It made my day, I knew it was a sign. I researched the meaning behind the “brown” and from what I read, sounds exactly what I’m searching for and what I need. I hope to find other signs along my journey back to myself again and letting me know I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do and be exactly where I am supposed to be in life.

  4. Monday night after working until midnight I was walking to my car in a half empty parking lot. My ex had reached out to me Saturday just asking how I was and to say he was thinking of me. I was seeing someone new who was pushing for a committed relationship after meeting a month before. This was making me uncomfortable but just chalked it up as still being in love with my exe. As I was leaving working my mind was racing with what direction to take. As I was approaching my car a feather brown and white laid two feet from my car door. I stopped picked it up and went home. I logged onto Facebook and one of my high school friend posted a pic of the same type of feather in her path that day. When I responded she said then you have yourself answer. So curiously i looked up what she was talking about. I decided to hang out with the guy I was dating and realized we were not compatable and he was there to fill a void. I saw this so clearly.

  5. My son who is autistic had a brown feather stuck to his velcro shoes. I love your reasoning on this particular feather. I believe he has a special gift which he is teaching me as well spiritually xx

  6. We are currently selling our house with the plan to move into my recently departed mothers house. We have a bit of uncertainty but believe it will be a good thing. I have recently been finding little brown feathers around my yard and on my walks. I am hoping this is a positive sign to make the move and not a sign to stay. A bit confused.

  7. I just found this small fluffy brown feather as I was going outside my back door to play with my dogs and I have come in and googled the significance of this find .. I am totally floored by the information on this website and others, as I have only in the last week started to get my life back on track (totally committed) after 3 years feeling totally lost, everything that I thought that mattered was turned on its head – work, finances, moving house, relationships (I am lucky as I have the best husband but it did take me years to find him!) and was totally unsure of why I just couldn’t get my MOJO, I have spent thousands of $$$ on self help, health, coaching etc .. you name it I have done it! Over the last 2 x weeks I have met someone who has ADHD and identified that I have too! 57 years old and now with this diagnosis I feel that I finally know who I really am and am starting to turn my life around SLOWLY and have for the last week taken on board everything I have learned in my life – yes all the $$$ I have spent have been very useful! I had just started a detox program this morning and had hopped out of a healing bath, which I have never been able to do before and found this feather – on reading the relevance it made me cry, smile and gave me hope that I am in the process of becoming grounded and stable with respect and endurance thrown in – WOW – I am on the right path – thank you to my brown feathered angel!

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